16: Grinding

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(I just can't forget about you. Ooh, ooh,  forget about you. I just can't forget about you.)

- Forget about you by R5 :)

"Well, Well, Well. Why you guys didn't invite me? Rude. Hey baby matty."

"Claire, what the fu- heck are you doing here?" Matt ask with confusion written all over his face.

Yeah, what is she doing here? How did she even know we were here? 

I didn't know what to do so i just stand there trying my best not to go up to that bitch and choke her.

"It's coachella! Why wouldn't i be here?" She bats her eyelashes at Matthew then turn to me and did the same thing with a bitchy look on her face and a fake smile. Ugh! someone take her away from us.

"Who did you come here with?" I asked, she smirks at me playing with her hair.

"My friends." She chews on her gum loudly looking at me up and down, giving me a dirty look. If looks could kill, she would be already dead since i met her.

"Go back to your friends then." Matt told her, i smirk as she gasp.

"But i want to be with you Matty." She whines.

"I'm here with Jannalyn, not you." I bit my cheek trying to hold in my laugh.

"Don't you think i knew that? I knew you ditch me to go buy tickets to coachella. " She smirks. "So hangout with me and i'll forgive you." She flirts with him smirking slowly feeling his hair. BItch don't touch the hair! Matt looks at me with forgiveness in his eyes.

"Fine." He weakly smiles, Claire squeals taking his wrist then dragging somewhere.

"Great." I whispered. That honestly kinda hurt, i took a deep breath not letting myself cry for a stupid reason. I walk away from the big crowd and look for a lemonade stand. Once i found one, i took a 5 dollar bill out and buy myself a lemonade.

"Why you so lonely?" A girl with brown hair and hazel eyes says then sits next to me with a lemonade on her hand.

"I was with my best friend and his slutty girlfriend came along and well you know.."  I sigh.

"That slut." She says making me laugh. "Well since you're alone you can hang out with me!" She smiles. "I'm Andrea by the way." (AUTHORS NOTE: ANDREA RUSSET IS NOT FAMOUS IN THIS FANFIC! OK? OK)

"I'm Jannalyn." I smile big.

"Beautiful name. Now wanna walk around for a bit and talk about this slutty bitch?" She winks causing me to nod and laugh.

Maybe Andrea can be my girl best friend!

"Wait.. so she came here when she's not invited and she stole your man when it's only suppose to be you and him?" I nod rolling my eyes. "That slut." I chuckle agreeing. "by the way you talk about him, do you have a crush on him?" She winks at me.

"What? psh, no." I nervously laugh. She give me the look that made me admit that i do. "Alright, fine i do! but just a tiny little crush." I said.

"tiny little crush? ha! you're funny. You're madly in love with him, i can totally tell." She says.

"What? I'm not." I deny.

"Yes you are! The way you talk about him, you would smile like a dork and give every single detail." She points out.

"it's that a bad thing?"

"You've never fallen for a guy before, huh?" I shook my head. "Well it's not really a bad thing, just stay positive. Do you by any chance know if he likes you too?"

"of course not." I laugh. "He's dating Claire and she's obviously way better looking than me." I pout.

"She's not! You're so lucky to have a fine body! Plus, you wouldn't want to be jealous of her. She whines like a little bitch." She points out.

"True true." We laugh.

"If he doesn't like you then he's totally missing out." We laugh.

"Do you live in LA?" I ask her.

"Actually yes! Do you? It would be really sad if you don't."

"I do." Her eyes light then she attack me in a hug.

"You're like my new best friend." We laugh.

"Good because i need a girl best friend. I'm always hanging out with guys and it's tiring." I laugh.

"Well you got me." She smiles.

"Jannalyn! There you are." Matt run up to me with Claire behind him trying to run but fail.

"Oh h-hi Matt. Um, Matt this is Andrea. Andrea this is Matt." Andrea smirks nudging my elbow as she shake Matt's hand.

"What did I miss?" Claire who was panting trying to walk in her heels. It's Coachella and there's alot of walking! Now, who the hell brings heels to Coachella? 

"Oh nothing." I said sarcastically with a fake smile.  "Now what do you need?" I ask Matt. I was a little bit pissed because he ditch me, his best friend and went with his slutty as girlfriend.

Matt sigh as he knew I'm pissed at him.

"Dance with me." He says.

"No. Go dance with Claire." I shooed him away, I started to walk away with Andrea but he grab my forearm.

"I already did. Now its your turn to dance with me." He says.

"And what if I don't want to?" I LIED. I DO WANT TO DANCE WITH HIM.

"Yes you do. I know you do." He smirks taking my hand. I look at Claire who was just playing with her hair giving me a death glare. Then I look at Andrea who was wiggling her eyebrows doing some kiddy noises.

"Fine." I laugh. Claire gasps then walks away swaying her hips. Andrea cheered then told me she'll be by the Ferris wheel.

"Get ready for some grinding, baby girl."

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