71. Reunited

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Wednesday August 24, 2016-

These past two days, I've been trying to find Matthew's biological father, Rafael Espinosa. He came in at the café last week and I thought he'd be coming in this week, but I haven't seen him.

I'd even stay and close to restaurant myself just so I can wait. Incase, he comes in very late like last time. On Monday, he didn't come in. Tuesday, Nope. Today is Wednesday and I'm hoping it's today. The day I can finally prove to Matthew that I actually know his father.

I looked at the clock and it read; 2:30 pm. It exactly 2:30 pm and we're about to close in thirty minutes. Jess had gone home a little early, so here I am left alone in the café. I was patiently standing behind the counter, tapping my nails against the table as I stared at the door.

The second I blinked my eyes, the door finally opened. My eyes were hurting from staring at the door too much. I opened my eyes and looked up at the customer.

This is it. It's Rafael Espinosa. It has to be him.

But, it wasn't.

It was just Matthew. He walked in with a pair of black shirt and black pants with white vans. He was looking really cute while I over here looked like shit.

When we made eye contact, he grinned. I smiled back because his smile is just so contagious. He walks up to the counter and leaned forward to my face.

"Kiss. Kiss." I leaned in and he pecked my lips. He then turned around, his back facing me before he jumped onto the counter.

"Matthew.. get off." I tried pushing him off of the counter but he wouldn't budge. "How am I going to see if there's a customer or not?" I gave up. He turned his neck and looked at me in the corner of his eyes while smirking.

"I'll tell you." He simply said. I groaned but I let him be. He took out his phone and started playing some game with very loud obnoxious sounds.

I was bored and tired, there was nothing to do but watch this doofus play some stupid game. I wrapped my arms around his waist and peeked my head under his arm and watched. He was playing some basketball game.

"If I make all 20 balls under 15 seconds, will you give me a kiss?" He kisses the stop of my head and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"A kiss?" He nodded.

"Yeah, like for a prize. My prize." I can just imagine him smirking and winking. "Unless you wanna give me head for my prize." I rolled my eyes.

"Ok." I smirked.

"Really?" His eyes widened and looked down at me.

"Nope. Keep dreaming boy." I patted his stomach.

"Will you at least give me a kiss?" He pouted.

"You're asking me as if we're not dating." I chuckled. "But fine." He smiled like a little kid then played the game while I watched. Surprisingly, he made it.

"Where's my kiss?" I pulled away from his waist and watched him turn around to face me. He pulled me between his legs and cupped my chin before smashing his lips against mine. We stood there making out for like a few five minutes until the door opened. "I'll be in the bathroom." I didn't get time to question him but he kept his head down and walked fast to the restrooms.

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