35. turn up & be safe

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Who else thought of Cameron Dallas and Carter Reynolds by reading the title of this chapter? 😂

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"Babe, babe. Wake up! Shit, it's 6 in the morning." I heard, I moaned trying to shut their mouth and let me sleep.

"Leave me alone.. or.. I'll kick you." I said moaning loudly, I try to kick him but I'm half asleep so I failed.

"Baby, come on. If the security sees us, we'll both get in trouble." I didn't answer back. He then started attacking my face with some soft kisses. He kisses me in the corner of my mouth and my chin, so close to my lips then he suddenly stopped.

"Right here, young boy. You missed a spot." I pointed to my lips, opening my eyes. My eyes started itching so I went to rub my eye but of course, I ruined my make up. Oh well, then I rub my eyes.

"Will you go back to sleep if I kiss you on your lips?" He smiled. Damn you're irresistible.

"No." I shook my head. Well, I'll try not to go back to sleep is the right answer Then he softly kiss me on my lips, he pulls away but I peck him one more time before standing up.

We both cleaned up our spot quickly before anyone can see us and think that we had sex here. I put on my shoes and hold on to Matt's jacket as I follow him to his car. We got in the car and buckle four seat belts. 

"Ew." I said once I look at myself in the mirror.

"What?" He asked.

"My face." I cringe.

"You look totally fine, babe. I don't see what's wrong." He grabs my chin so he can see my face.

"But my make up is ruined." I groaned. I need to take it off but I didn't bring my make up wipes with me.

"Here." He grabs make up wipes out of nowhere. Um, whose Is that?

"Oh no, this is my mom's." He said.

"Oh, makes sense." Then i opened it grabbing a wipe and wiped off the ugly make up off of my face. If I get acne, I'm going to freaking kill a bitch.

I grab some mascara from my purse and just apply a little bit to my eyelashes to at least make myself look awake.

"Do you want to stop by and get something to eat? Cause I'm fucking starving." He puts his hand on my thigh. Goals.

"Sure." Hell yeah!

"Where to?" He clears his throat.

"Denny's." I smiled like a little girl.

"Again?" He chuckles.

"I'm craving pancakes, okay?" I said.

"Craving? Does that mean you're on your period?" I roll my eyes at him.

"No, just because I'm craving something doesn't mean I'm on my period." I poked his cheek.

"Oh, yeah." He nods. "Because if you were on your period you would be grumpy, annoying, and all that other stuff girls do."

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