64. "Best friend goals."

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| contains sexual content |

I gulped loudly, swallowing the lump in my throat. He lays me down on the couch, he hovers over me kissing my swollen lips with his soft swollen ones. I let him undress me by nodding my head, words failing to fall out of my mouth. He kisses my neck while literally ripping my shirt off of me. He throws it somewhere in the living room, leaving me in a red velvet laced bra. His cold fingers started playing with the button and zipper of my jeans.

I know I should complain about him ripping my shirt but I just want him so bad that I didn't even care. He finally got to unbutton my pants, he takes the zipper and rolls it down before tugging it down to my ankles to leave me on my black lace panties. I can feel him leaving love bites on my neck, I shut my eyes closed as I bite my lip, holding in my moans. I just feels too good. He finally got my pants off of my legs. While I was the only one half naked, It was his turn to undress.

"Why am I the only one half naked?" He pulls away from my neck to look at my face. His hair was messy, in a sexy way. He's panting very loudly and his lips are so full pink and swollen. He looks down at my neck like he's somewhat proud of what he caused. He licks his lips slowly before responding to me.

"Undress me then, baby." He then flips us over, me now on top of him. I set my knees on each side of his lap so I can watch him as I undress him. I start with them end of his shirt tugging on it, he lifts up both of his arms and that's my cue to lift his shirt off. I started laughing hysterically when the shirt got stuck because of his head.

"You have a big head." I laughed trying to help him take it off. I finally took it off leaving him shirtless and his hair much messier, but remember.. in a sexy way.

"I know I do." My cheeks turned bright pink at his little smart comment.

"Not that head, you idiot." I throw his shirt behind my head but It got caught on the ceiling so now it's hanging off of the ceiling fan. I turn around and covered my mouth with my hand looking at him, hiding in my giggles. He looks at me shaking his head, with a grin.

"Do you think they'll notice?" I whispered asked him, uncovering my mouth.

"Yea because it's totally not that  obvious." He rolls his eyes at me. I slap his arm playfully.

Here we are, we were  planning to get on with it on the damn couch but how is that working out?

"Don't get smart with me." I argued.

"Then kiss me." He whispers, I smirk as I lean down towards him and kissed his soft plump lips. He smiled against the kiss as he grabs my ass giving it a light squeeze. I started playing with the zipper of his pants since it was already unbuttoned. Whoops? I unzipped it causing my finger to softly rub against his hard on. He groans against the kiss, he pulls away and lean his head back. His mouth is gaped open and his eyes full of lust on me. "Quit teasing, babe." He moans out. The way he moaned was so hot.

Like, I can write an essay about how hot it was.

I tug on the his pants, he lifts up his hips so I can pull it down and that's what I did. Now he's only on his white Calvin Klein boxers. I can definitely see the outline of his dick making my mouth water. I lean down again to kiss him but more slowly to tease him a little bit. I pulled away for a second and kissed him but with a bit more tongue.

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