86 | Meaningless Kiss?

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A bitchy gasp escaped her mouth when my hand came into contact with her cheek. A couple of guys howled at my action while taking their phones out to record it.

"Fuck you." I spat. In her response, she smirked at me like an evil whore before bringing her hand up to slap me on the face. "You fucking wanna go?" I said through my gritted teeth. People started surrounding us in a circle videotaping us.

"Try me." She pursed her lips while she flipped her hair.

"No need to fucking tell me twice." I ran and jumped on her causing her to fall onto the floor. She tried to fight me back but her boney ass was too weak. I punched her in the face, slapped her, pulled her hair, pulled on her hoop earrings. She scratched me with her long fake nails, pulled on my hair, and slapped me back. It was a perfect time to punch her in her big nose, I brought my hand up waiting for it to hit her on the nose but someone grabbed ahold of my fist.

"Jannalyn! Stop it!" I felt a pair of arms pulling me away from Jessica who was on the floor fake crying pretending like I was the one who started it. Well, I did but she was testing me. "What is wrong with you?" I looked at me and watched Matthew walked over to Jessica and helped her up. "Are you okay?" She shook her head crying. I watched him sighed loudly and wiped her tears away.

I felt my chest ached. How come I didn't notice it before? I watched the way he would look at her. The way he would touch her. Tears rolled down my cheek when I heard a voice in my head told me what I never ever wanted to hear in my life.

He still loves her.

I could tell that he still loves her. You can see it through his eyes. And it hurt so much. Of course, it fucking hurts. The boy I love loves someone else.

Everyone was watching us. Suddenly it started to feel like I was suffocating. It felt like the room was getting smaller and smaller with everyone inside. My chest started hurting even more like I couldn't breathe with everyone watching me. I needed to get out of there before I pass out.

I turned my heel around to run out the door but someone stopped me again. I turned around to face with Matthew. The boy who I loved endlessly but he loves someone else.

"What is wrong with you? First, you go cheating on me with Ryan and now your beating up innocent people?" He scoffed in disgust. The room was quiet and everyone's eyes were on us. Jessica who was standing behind Matthew had an evil smirk on her face while she watched Matthew yelled at me.

"Jannalyn." I heard Andrea whispered in shock.

"She's not innocent!" I fought back. I just wanted to lay on my bed and cry. It hurt way too much and I couldn't do it anymore.

"Why are you crying? You have no reason to cry!" Why is he acting like this?

"I have no reason to cry?" A dry laughed escaped my mouth. "You cheated on me." My voice cracked as my heart ached because I couldn't believe it was true. "You cheated on me with Jessica!" I pointed at her.

"Who told you that?" He said through his gritted teeth.

"She did! She told me how you guys had sex so many times! You —" I broke down. I needed to breathe. I needed to get out and that's what I did. I ran out of there because it was all too much for me. When I ran out of the apartment, I ran down the hallway tears continuously rolling down my cheeks. I didn't want to wait for an elevator because I knew Matthew was chasing after me and I needed to get out. So I took the staircase.

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