61. Off to a new start

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Wednesday August 10, 2016-

Today is the day I have to announce the news to my parents. Now I don't know if they will approve the idea of me living in an apartment with Matthew. But, we're going to find out today.

I'm kinda nervous but it's kinda too late to not rent out the apartment. Matthew and I literally signed the papers yesterday. Let's just hope this goes well.

Speaking of yesterday, we finished watching the movie until 7 pm. We drove home but I stood awake just incase Matthew was tired. We made it home safe and sound but he couldn't sleep over since he wanted to tell his mother about the apartment as well.

I take a big shaky breathe before walking into the living room where my parents are. They're sitting on the couch watching a movie. A smile spread across their faces when I walked into the room.

"Hey, honey. What's up? You look a bit devastated." My mom said, she pats the empty space beside her. I take a sit and face both of them. My father knew I have something to tell so he paused the movie as they both give me all of their attention.

"I kinda need to tell you both something." They nod. "So yesterday.. Matthew and I drove to Davis to look for an apartment. It took us a few hours to find the perfect one." Their mouths were about to open and say something but I beat them to it. "I know what you guys are going to say but Matthew and I saved up money. We thought through it before, so don't worry.." my voice drifted.

"We were actually going to say that we're happy for you." My mouth gaped open. Happy for me? They're not going to lecture me? Are they even my parents?

"But Matthew and I are going to live in an apartment and we didn't even talk to you guys about it." I responded.

"Well yes you should've talked to us about it first but I mean, it's not a bad idea after all. It's the same as living in a dorm but much bigger and a bit more expensive." I'm shocked.

"But we still want you to be careful and not make some stupid decisions." My father points a finger at me. "No funny business." He wiggles his hand. "I don't want little you and Matthew running around until maybe the age of 25, okay?" He squints his eyes at me making me giggle.

"You're an adult now and we trust you with the good decisions you will make in the future." My mom says weakly smiling.

"You have to visit us at least once every two weeks." My dad teased.

"When are you moving in?" My mother asked.

"Class starts next on the last week of August. So maybe move in this Friday so I can settle down and look for a job as well." I sighed. Man I feel like this is moving way too fast.

"Oh, my baby is growing up so fast." My mom chuckles as her eyes starts tearing up making me want to cry and stay young. Before she can start crying, I attack them with a hug. They hugged me tight as if I'm leaving right now.

"How about we hang out as a family today? Yeah? Before our little girl leaves?" My dad was also tearing up. I never see him tear up like this before so it was a new thing for me to see.

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