49. He called me beautiful.

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"Alright, let me get the ingredients." I jump down from the stool that helped me reach the milk chocolate brownie mix from all the way at the top in the pantry.

"We need 2 huevos! 1/4 cup of aqua! Last but not least, 2/3 cup of vegetable oil." He reads it out loud.

"Since when did you know some spanish words?" I ask him, i open the fridge grab the two eggs and grab the other ingredients right after.

"From spanish class, duh!" He pretends to give me a dirty look. "I don't even know that much to be honest." He chuckled.

When i grabbed everything that we will be needing, i opened the box of brownie mix and begin to pour it into the bowl and did the same with the others. I grab the mixing whisk from the drawer and was about to start mixing until Ryan yelled in my ear.

"Can i mix it?" He cleared his throat when i gave him a look because of the way he was screaming in my ear.

"You're such a child, have i said that already?" He rolls his eyes, i hand him the bowl and wash my hands as he mixes it.

"So what's going on with you and Matthew?" He suddenly asks, i felt a lump in my throat beginning to form. I stop for a mid-second and turned off the faucet before drying my cold wet hands with the dry towel.

"There's nothing going on between us." I lied, instead of looking at him in the eyes and lying to his face, i used my time to take out some pans in the stove and turned it on.

"Jannalyn, i've known you so long that i know you're lying." fuck. I don't want to talk about Matthew right now because i'm so confused on what's going on. But what if talking about it will make me less stressed?

"I honestly have no idea what is going on. I'm-I'm just really confuse, you know?" I jump up onto the counter and sit as i keep my eyes down on the floor. He pours the mix into a tray then left it and jumps up sitting next to me.

"Did he cheat on you? Did he hurt you? What did he do so wrong that he made a beautiful girl's smile turn upside down?" My heart melted. He called me beautiful.

"At the party, there was this girl named Jessica who came up to us to greet Matthew and happy birthday." He nods his head understanding. "When he introduce me to her, she said stuff like 'we lasted longer than a month' and shit like that. The point is, i may be his best friend since we were young but he never told me about her and i have a feeling she was his first love. It may sound stupid that i'm jealous over his girlfriend who he loved once but how do i know he won't chose her over me? What if his feelings for her comes back?"

"Tell him. Tell him how you feel. When it comes to relationships, the most important thing is trust and honest. Be honest with him."

"I want to but everything that's going on with him and his family is too much for him to handle. Then i come out of nowhere and suddenly tell him how i feel which will make it worse." I sighed. Then the oven beeped, before i can jump down, Ryan was already putting the tray of the brownie mix into the oven.

"If you don't tell him now, you'll stress yourself out even more and it's unhealthy. It will feel better once you let this all out, you feel me? I hate seeing you unhappy, it makes me unhappy. All i want is to see my girl happy. " He stands between my legs but not real close to me.

"You're right, i'll talk to him about it when i can."

"Like this week, not next week or even next month." He points a finger at me as if i'm a 5 year old. I let out a giggle when he poked my nose.

I stared at his face, admiring everything. His hair looked soft so i comb my fingers through it. He looks up at me with a smile and didn't bother to say anything. His eyes were pretty shade of brown, not like Matthew's. Matthew's are more lighter than Nick's. His pink lips curled up into a smile when he notice i was staring at..his lips.

"Do you uh have more caprisun?" He awkwardly coughs looking away but my eyes. That's when i realize what i was just doing a few seconds ago.

"Er, yeah sure." I take my hand back away from his hair and jump down. I open the fridge and grab him a cold caprisun. When i gave it to him, he grabs it touching my fingers with his. He tells me something about going to the living room to watch tv and I just nodded. I stayed in the kitchen thinking what was wrong with him. Especially, after we just talked about my boyfriend and i stared at his lips as if i want to kiss him. Please don't let this get even more awkward.

As i try to stop thinking about it, i washed the dishes to get my mind of off it. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Ryan stood up and was about to answer the door.

"I got it." I smiled politely at him and walk fast to the door. As soon as i opened it, i came face-to-face with angry Matthew.

"Where is he?" He yelled at me.

"Wh-Where is who?" I confusedly asked him.

"You know who i'm talking about! Are you cheating on me?" He yelled out loud, loud enough for Ryan to hear it. He pushes the door open making it hit the wall causing me to flinch.

"Matthew! Matthew! Calm down! What is going on?" I chased after him.

"Why the fuck is he here?" He pointed at Ryan who was confused. No words left my mouth. My boyfriend, the guy who i was about to make a move on, and me in the living room. It just got more awkward and i knew by the end of the night, a relationship is going to break up.

Author's note:

Dun! Dun! Dun! What do ya'll think will happen? Comment what you think! It's already February wtf. thank you so much for waiting by the way :) just didn't have the motivation to update. but hopefully, i will update regularly but no promises! luvs :)

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