27. always been a bitch

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12:34 pm

"It's already 12:35 and we've been hiking for like 3 hours." Andrea says as she record herself on her snapchat. "All of us are tired as fuck except for this fucker." She turns the camera to me showing her middle finger as well. I waved at her phone with a smile. Then it ended.

"It's so hot." I pant, it was so fucking hot that I took off my tank top to leave me on my sports bra. Matt looks at me from the corner of his eyes then looks away.

"Okay, just cause it's hot doesn't mean you can take off your tank top, okay?" Rachel speaks up giving me a disgusting look.

"And who the hell says I can't?" I snap back. Seriously, this bitch is getting on my nerves.

"The whole world. We don't need to see your ugly fat stomach." Rachel says making Claire laugh. I didn't know what to say.

"You know what Rachel, im so tired of your shit." I said shaking my head walking away from her. I'm really insecure when it comes to my body, usually when Rachel bullies me during school. Matt would always comes and tell her to fuck off. He's the only one who knows about my insecurities.

"Please let me choke that bitch." Andrea clenched her jaw and her hand clenched into a fist, she stares at Rachel .

"No, Andrea." I try to come her down but she would just ignore me and yell something to Rachel.

"Jannalyn, if I were I would let go of her right now." Luke looks at me then pulls me away from Andrea.

"Wh-" Then I saw Andrea approach Rachel and started punching her in the face, slapping the shit out of her. Luke was holding me back, I stared tickling him because I know he's very ticklish. When he started laughing he finally let go of me and that was my time to run up to Andrea to stop her.

"Andrea! Andrea! Stop!" I yelled out loud. Why is no one helping me?

She slaps Rachel on the cheek one last time, it was so hard and loud. Then Andrea looks at Rachel dead in the eyes as she points a finger at her.

"If you ever do something like that again to Jannalyn or any of my friends! I will come and find you and beat the shit out of you that you'll die!" Rachel nods her head with tears streaming down her face.

I helped Andrea stand up then we walk away. Claire and Matt? Approached Rachel to see if she's fine.

"Matt.. your groups of friends is over here." Ryan yells at him, Matt looked at us but looked at me longer then look back down at Rachel.

"What the fuck is he doing?" Luke says as he help Rachel get up.

"Why the fuck did you do that for?" Matt yells at Andrea.

"Woah woah! Are you seriously mad at me right now?" Andrea yells back. Please don't be another fight.

"Yes! Of course I'm mad! There was no reason for you to beat the shit out of Rachel!" Why is he on there side?

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