48. "Finders keepers, Losers weepers."

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Jannalyn's point of fucking view:

"Do you want to talk about it now?" Was the first thing that fell out of my mouth when I walked back in my room with bowls of ice cream.

"I guess." He shrugged his shoulders, I handed him the bowl of ice cream. He sends me a small hurting smile before mumbling a thank you. I climb on my bed, sit next to him with our backs against the wall.

"If you don't want to, it's fine." I wanted to say 'since you don't trust me' so bad but I don't want to argue at the moment. I just want to eat this delicious ice cream and listen to him.

"No, I think I need to." He takes a bite of his ice cream. I chose mint chocolate chip ice cream when he chose chocolate ice cream, how plain. I took a spoon of ice cream and shoved it in my mouth. "Paul is not my real father" My mouth gaped into an 'O' causing the spoon to fall onto my bed.

"My bad." I grab the spook and put it back in the bowl. "He's not your father?!" I yelled with a gasped. He nods, he looks down at his bowl of ice cream.

"I was angry, I still am. I'm angry at him. It's hard to believe, I know." He grabs ahold of spoon and plays with his ice cream.

"Look, babe, I'm sorry. This must be hard. If you need anything or even someone to talk to, you can always sneak in." He looks up, he eyes were starting to water. Seeing him so sad made me feel sad. I'm that one person when someone cries, I cry with them.

"What if we weren't on speaking terms or we had a big argument?" He asks.

"I won't care at the moment, because my job is to be there for you. Not just because I'm your girlfriend but because I'm your best friend too." He takes a deep breath and gives me a small smile.

"Can we do something else other than talk about this?" I nodded, I turned on the tv so we can watch a movie or something. I lay my head on his shoulder and eat my ice cream.

He lays his head on top of mine and eat his ice cream as well while watching tv. For about half an hour, we stayed in that position while eating our ice cream. Then after that, our night ended.

We cuddled the whole night, i felt the need to ask him and tell me what he's hiding from me. I feel different, i feel like he doesn't trust me even though he tells me he does. Does he really?

Matthew left the next morning, he told me he needed to go comfort his mom. After that, i haven't hung out with him or at least talked to him in a week. I would try to call him but he would say he's busy or wouldn't answer his phone. It almost seems likes as if he's avoiding me. I have nothing to do, so i called up my friends.

"Hey whore." Andrea answered my call. I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Hey Andrea.." My parents are off to work, like the usual. There's no one home and it kinda sucks, especially if you are the only child.

"What's wrong?" She asked me with a bit of concern.

"Just bored." I lied, well kinda. "There's no one home and Matthew is not answering my calls." I sighed.

"Well then go over to his house and annoy the fuck out of him. That's what i do." I can see her shrugging her shoulders with a grin on her lips.

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