25. broken hearted

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I put that picture of Stiles and Lydia bc STYDIA FOR LIFE BRUH 😍😭 I'm obsessed with teen wolf & the vampire diaries 😍 it's crazy.

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I felt like this book is kind of boring without any drama and stuff going on, so I added a bit of drama ;) shit is about to go down.

Also, if I'm not updating I must be watching teen wolf or the vampire diaries 😂

I wanted to cry, but I can't do that. I can't let him and her think that I'm so weak. I wipe my cheeks and just swim away to Andrea and Luke. But they were to busy having their couple moments, I so swim to Ryan.

"Hey, Girl." He smirks at me, I smile at me giggling. "What's Matt do-" He turned to Matt then turn back to me with his jaw clenched. "What is he doing?" He says through his gritted teeth.

"Well, Claire decided to join and kiss him infront of me. The worst part is he kissed her back." I sigh.

"That son of a bi-" he was about to go over to him and maybe beat the shit out of him but I had to stop him.

"No, no don't even think about." I tell him.

"He's hurting you, Jannalyn!"He yells.

"I know he is but I can't do anything about it, Ryan." I pout.

"And why not?" He asks.

"Because we're not dating, remember?" I said.

"But I-I thought.."

"No, he's just messing around, like he is with.. me." I bit my lip to stop myself from crying.

"Hey, hey. It's okay, well not that he's messing around with you but what I meant is everything is going to be okay. See this what happens, when I have no clue what to say, I just start rambling about some crazy shit. Like today, before we got here I-"

"Ryan.." I started laughing.

"I told you." He says then starts laughing with me.

Claire's point of fucking view:

"So did you kiss him?" Rachel whispers to me when I got in the tent.

"Yep." I smirk, drying my soft hair with a towel.

"Good, now that Jannalyn will be hurt she'll finally realize that he doesn't deserve a bitch like her." Rachel smirks. "And he'll realize that he deserves me."

"Why do you hate her anyways?" I ask.

"She's just a stupid bitch that deserves to die. Ugh." She flips her hair rolling her eyes. "Oh and here's your 50 dollars for today." She hands me the money.

"Yeah thanks." I said.

"Get ready to ruin her life."

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