45. Don't jinx it!

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July 28, 2016

"Good morning, bitch." Andrea spoke up when i answered her call, that woke me up from a really good beauty sleep. I look at the alarm clock beside me on the bedside table. It's already 11:58? Damn. What time did i sleep last night?

"Good morning, hoe." I greeted her back as she laughs. My mouth shaped into an 'O' as i yawn and stretch out my arm and legs. My hands found their way to my eyes and rub them to adjust them to the bright light shining through my window.

"Cancel your plans today because we are going on a double-date!"She yelled out loud through the phone.

Double-date? Last double-date I had was with Claire, Matthew, and Sammy. Speaking of Sammy, I haven't heard of him ever since the party. I should probably text him one of these days. I wonder how he's doing.

"Double-date? Andrea, I can't just cancel my plans for today." I told her. Do I even have plans today?

"Pretty please? For your best friend?" I can imagine her pouting and doing the puppy eyes. "Plus, do you even have plans today?" She laughs. I thought about it for a moment, I don't even have plans today.

"Uh, yeah.." I lied. I knew i'm terrible when it comes to lying.

"Oh yeah? What were your plans?" She smirked.

"Alright, fine. You caught me." I ignored her yelling 'I knew it!' " Do we have to go on a double-date? Last time I went on a double-date, it ended badly." I sighed, thinking about Matthew with Claire makes me wanna puke.

"Please? It's just going to be Luke, Matt, you, and me! Nothing bad will happen." Don't jinx it now.

"Fine. I'll tell Matthew." I said giving in.

"Yay! Thank you! Thank you!" Then she ended the call. I stood up from my bed and to my closet, to pick out the outfit for the double-date. I dialed Matthew's number and brought the phone to my ear as I go through my clothes.

"Hey you." He answered.

"Hey. Whatcha doing?" I asked him.

"Just woke up." I heard him yawned.

"Oh shit. Did I wake you?"

"Yeah but it's okay. It's getting late anyways, it's time for me to get up. What about you, shortie? Whatcha doing?" He clears his throat.

"Going through my closet." I responded with a heavy sigh.

"Why? You got plans today?"

"I do now, We're going on a double date."

"Double date?" I hummed in response. "With?"

"Andrea and Luke."

"Oh, it won't be so bad." Why do i feel like something terrible will happen? Maybe I'm just overthinking.

"Maybe it won't."

By the time i got ready for the day, Matthew came over to my house and waited with me for Andrea and Luke to come pick us up. I'm wearing a nice casual outfit, a black tanktop that goes with my ripped skinny jeans and white converse. My hair is split into two braids which was a big trend. Most of my clothes are black because black goes with everything.

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