Best Friend + Matthew Espinosa

Best Friend + Matthew Espinosa

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"You know what's a stupid idea if you were best friends with someone?" My heartbeat quicken. 

"What?" I cleared my dry throat. 

"Dating them. I mean, dating your best friend is kind of stupid. Like, what if things don't work out? Then they break up and you guys are no longer best friends anymore." Those sentences broke my heart into tiny little pieces.  

"I agree." I lied. 

"This is why we should stay best friends, that's it." He smiled. I nod faking a smile. 

Hearing those words come out of your best friend's mouth hurts like hell. Especially when you started falling for them. 

What do you think will happen? Will Matt fall for her too? Or will he friend zone her? Will she lose her feelings for him? 


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