59: Apartment hunting

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August  9, 2016-

"Matthew.." I whined poking his shoulder non-stop.

It's around 9 am and we had a plan that we were suppose to be on the road in our car around 9:30 am, but this goofball won't wake the hell up. The drive will probably take around 2 hours, I think, I'm not sure. Matthew and I made an appointment to check out the apartment.

Words cannot describe how excited I am. Like I'm going to be living with not only my boyfriend but my best friend.It's not going to be awkward since we've known each other basically the rest of our life. I'm just excited. Maybe I can persuade him to let me get a puppy!

"We have to get ready.." I gave up and fell back onto the bed, rubbing my eyes. I usually don't wake up this damn early but I need to start waking up early especially since I might have classes in the morning on in the afternoon, the world may never know.

"No we don't." He mumbled. Well at least I know he's alive.

"We made an appointment around 1 pm, Matt." I poked his shoulder once more to see if it would help wake him up. I noticed him open one eye to look at me. When he noticed that I caught, he closed that one eyes and smiled. It was cute. He was cute.

"We'll just cancel it." He answered. This bitch.

"What? No. Come on, get up you piece of shit." I sat up and shook his shoulders repeatedly. He didn't budge so I tried to do the original trick that would make everyone wake up. As in, pulling their blanket off of them. So I stood up and walk to the edge of the bed and got ahold of the blanket getting ready to pull but he was already holding onto it tightly.  I tried to pull it but he was stronger than me.

"Need to try a little harder than that, shortie." He chuckled, so I gave up again and let go of the blanket and walked back to my side on the bed. "I should call you a chicken instead. Short and weak." He  lifts his head his weary eyes making eye contact with mine.

He was so sleepy. Sleepy Matthew is the cutest thing. His hair was messy, his eyes were half open, and he always has that cute ass smile on his face that would make anyone's day 100000000x better. I couldn't help but smile when I look down at him.

"Please, wake up." I lay down next to him. I lifted my leg and wrap it around his waist with my arm around his neck. His smile turned into a smirk that's always plastered on his face. He drops his head onto the pillow closing his eyes and going back to his sleep.

If this man doesn't wake up this instant, I'm going to find a way to wake him up and he's not going to like it.

I look beside me at the clock, checking the time. We're not late but it'll be easier and faster to get there without any traffics.

"Matthew." I nudge his shoulder.He doesn't speak of move a muscle. Then minutes later, I started hearing soft snores coming from him. I groaned out loud.

Maybe my plan will work, I thought to myself.

"Matthew, I swear on your life. If you don't wake up and get moving, I'm going to get a bucket full of cold ass water and dump it on your as-" I couldn't finish my sentence. He quickly raised up and got on top of me holding me down with his hands wrapped around both of my wrist.

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