72. Can I tell you a joke?

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Saturday August 27, 2016-

Jannalyn's point of view: 

Grocery shopping.

Probably the only type of shopping that I like. Although, I do like to go shopping for clothes but come one, it's food. The only problem that I have when it comes to grocery shopping is that, I am always hungry whenever I go grocery shopping. I know people say to never go grocery shopping when you are hungry because then you'll end up buying almost everything you catch your eyes on.

I can relate. You see before I leave the house, I eat. Especially when I'm going grocery shopping, I remind myself to eat before leaving so that when I get there I won't buy almost everything that I lay my eyes on. But what people said is a lie. I still almost buy almost every single thing, even when I am not hungry! I don't know why but that's life on being addicted to food.

I had a day off today, Matthew doesn't. Ha, sucker. When I was at home, you know, just casually chilling minding my own business. Then I got hungry. So I made my way to the kitchen then opened the fridge and you know what it feels like when there's no damn food in the fridge?

A heart attack.

Or when you already filled your bowl with cereal but then you opened the fridge and found out there's no more milk. So you just wanna curl up in a ball and cry in the corner. That's what I felt when I found out there was no damn food in the damn fridge.

I smiled to myself when I knew I needed to go shopping. Buying fresh foods and buying new foods is like heaven. I didn't have a choice but to go grocery shopping hungry. I don't have a choice, now do I?

I then got all ready and shit. I'm just going shopping not going to some fancy rich parties those rich families throw in those tv shows. I just simply wore black nike shorts, Matthew's gray college shirt, jesus sandals and a black dad hat that read 'done with you' with my hair up in a ponytail.

I'm going to be spending a whole damn time in the grocery store so might as well be comfortable, am I right? 

I quickly grabbed my wallet and car keys then scurried out the door. I fast walked to the elevator and patiently tapped my foot against the floor while I watched the numbers countdown all the way to the garage. When I stepped out of the elevator, I walked over to my car then got on. Once the car has warmed up, I exited the garage in my car then drove to the nearest grocery store. 


I grabbed the cart and strolled it to the meat aisle. I wanted to start with the boring stuff before going through all the fun stuff. Gotta save the best for last, the best aka chips, cookies, etc. Ugh my mouth was already watering just by imagining myself sitting on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table, my body wrapped in a blanket burrito, watching tv, and the chips and cookies by my side. 

I grabbed some fresh meat I'm planning to cook for this week's dinner. Really isn't fascinating, I know.I lasted about just a minute in the meat section until I made my way to fruit section. I was too busy walking past the junk food aisle, I was even staring at it with my mouth gaped open! I came back to reality when my cart crashed into someone else's. 

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