74. He's what now?

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a/n: very important author's note in the end.. please read it. 

Her tall figure ran in with a big bright smile placed on her lips. I wanted to deny it but it is true, she looked beautiful. I shifted uncomfortably when I continued to watch her. I couldn't help but feel a little bit jealous. The same jealousy feeling I felt when I met her. 

She was dressed in a black crop top with a black tight pencil skirt. I looked down at what I was wearing and all I was wearing was just a pair of shirt and a plain black-tee. Not so party like. She was wearing red high heels while I was wearing black converse. I'm dressed like I'm still a high school kid. 

My cold stares were interrupted when Matthew wrapped both arms around my waist and pulled me closer to his chest, placing his chin on my shoulder. He looked over where I was looking at and wondered what got me distracted and got my full attention. I knew he was going to see her and I knew this party isn't going to end well. When I looked back over, she was gone. She disappeared. 

"Who were you looking at?" He looked away before he whispered into my ear, his lips tickling my earlobe. He leaned against the counter of the kitchen and placed me between his legs, my back against his chest. I blinked a few times when his voice made a shiver run down my spine, but when I reopened my eyes. She was gone. She was no longer there. I furrowed my eyebrows, completely forgetting about Matthew's question as I look for the tall blonde girl. I couldn't find her. Did she leave? Did she notice I was staring or more like glaring, then ran off? Or what if my mind is just messing with me? maybe. "Babe." He chuckles when I totally forgot about him being behind me so I jumped. 

"Sorry." I apologized and glanced at him over my shoulder, he had the brightest smile on his lip making the corners of his eyes wrinkle because of how big his smile is and how happy he is. Clearly, I'm not happy at the moment. I know it's stupid that I'm letting this whole thing ruin my night, my first college party. I just can't help it. I want her out of my mind. I want her out of here. 

"What's wrong?" He asked, I just stared at the wall from across the room, zoning out. I ignore his question once again for a minute until he speaks up again. "You know what, I think you need to dance." He softly pushes me off of him to the side. "C'mon, let's go dance, baby." He walks a few feet away from where we were but I stayed in place. I know I'm being so childish but I just can't get the fact that she might be here to start drama again. 

Why can't I live life without having to deal with drama? Why can't I be happy with my boyfriend and have no one to steal him away from me? Is that too much to ask for? 

I looked at his face, he was still smiling, still looking happy. He had the smile that I fell for and still are falling for even more everyday. Then my mind changed, it was like some switch. I thought to myself I shouldn't be acting like this. Maybe, it was just my mind messing with me. Maybe she actually isn't here. Maybe she's not. 

"Babe." He repeated over and over while waving both of his hands over my face, trying to get my attention. It actually worked. I mean why wouldn't he get my attention especially when he has such a beautiful nice fine as hell of a face. A big smile immediately crept up on my face. "Get ready for some grinding, baby girl." He winked as I let him take my hand to the dancefloor. I grinned even bigger and his smirk grew even bigger when flashbacks of the night of the coachella came into our minds. 


I saw her again. 

It was when I was getting Matt and I's drink, he stayed in the living room area where everyone was hanging out, dancing, socializing and stuff. So I was in the kitchen pouring two cups of vodka and putting a little bit of soda in their, I might've taken sips or gulps every time I would pour some so I was taking a big time in their. When I actually told myself to stop gulping that shit down, I grabbed both of the cups with my two hands then walked back. People were casually bumping into me and it annoyed the fuck out of me, but I made it safe. I was a few feet away from Matt, but I didn't realize cause I'm a drunk fuck. When I looked up from the two filled cups of alcohol, I saw the stupid blonde chick talking to my man. 

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