57. "Okay then, let me make love to you."

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"Are you serious?" His eyes widened, I smiled big with my teeth showing as I nod my head at him. "Yes!" He yelled out loud before wrapping his arms around my thighs lifting me up from the counter. I squealed loudly holding onto him, afraid he might drop me. Nah, he'll catch me. Like the moment when I fell for him.

He slams my back against the wall, not to hard though. He leans his forehead against mine while his eyes are attached to mine. My arms were around his neck softly playing with his soft hair, his hands cupping my bottom with my legs wrap around his waist.

This is one of the moments where you just want to stay like this and forget about everything else. I have everything I need. I'm going to attend a successful college with my boyfriend and friends. My life is great and I've never been happier.

"I want to kiss you so bad." He murmured softly. I couldn't help but smile when I felt my stomach fill with butterflies. I lick my lips and glance down at his before staring back into his beautiful hazel eyes.

"Then kiss me, you idiot." I giggled, he didn't think twice before attacking my lips with his. I pulled his closer to me, wanting something more. We continued making out, not caring about anything else right now. Like it's just him and I in this beautiful world.

His lips left mine, his lips wandered around my face kissing me all over. He kisses my jaw softly, it felt good. So good I didn't want him to stop, I want him to keep going and going. He begins sucking on my skin on my neck, when he found my sweet spot, I felt him smirk against my wet skin and sucked even harder.

I bit my lip to keep it in my mouth but it was difficult. I gave in and leaned my head back moaning out loud. I heard him chuckle, then I bit my lip in embarrassment. He didn't stop, he continued to go on and I'm glad he did.

A thought was stuck in my head, deciding whether I should tell him to stop or tell him I want to do it. Do I? Am I ready? I have a feeling in my guts, a type of feeling I've never felt before. I'm turned on. I'm ready. Yes I am, I'm ready to have sex with my best friend who I'm madly in love with. I cupped his cheeks and pulled him away from my neck so I can tell him.

"I'm ready." His eyes widened like when I told him I want to attend UC Davis with him.

"Are you sure?" I bit my lip and nodded. His eyes trailed down to my lips. "Fuck." He licks his own full lips while running his hand through his hair. "But your first time should be romantic- not like this.. coming home from a par-" I interrupted him.

"Babe, I don't care." I chuckled. "I'm ready." I said once again. "Unless you don'-" It was his turn to cut me off.

"No! Of course I want to. I'm just- I can't believe it-" He shut his mouth, I started laughing at his nervousness and cuteness. "Are you sure sure sure?" He asked once again. I rolled my eyes with a goofy smile on my lips.

I was a"Babe, I'm sure."

"Okay then, let me make love to you."

My heart flutters at his words. He carries me out of the bathroom before throwing me onto my bed, hovering over my body. His lips found mine kissing me passionately. I soon found myself moaning when I started  feeling him grind against my crotch area.

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