39: College discussion

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July 6, 2016

"Good morning!" I walk down the stairs and to the living room. My lips curled up into a smile when I saw my parents peacefully sitting on the dining table eating breakfast.

"Good morning, sweetie. Did you have a good sleep?" I hug both of them leaving a soft kiss on the cheek. I guess you could say I'm in a good mood today. I got plenty of sleep last night, so that's good.

"Yes, I did." I walk to the cabinet, going on my tip-toes to reach for a clean plate. I got my self a cup and some utensils. I sit down and put some decent size of the food my mother has cooked and eat.

"Any plans today?" My dad asks me not taking his eyes off of the newspaper he is reading.

"Um.. nope." I thought for a second.

"Isn't Matt's birthday tomorrow?" My mother sips her coffee.

"Oh yeah! Shoot. I'm almost forgot." Fuck. How can I forget?

"Well please wish him a happy birthday from us, alright?" My mother starts to put away their dishes.

"We have to go now, honey." My dad tells my mom. They stood up making sure they have everything that they need.

"See you later, Jannalyn." They leave a kiss on my head. "Can you please clean up a bit in this house?" My mother points a finger at me.

"I know, I know. Bye now!" Then they were gone. I took my phone out and  watch a bit of Netflix while I eat.

After eating, I washed the dishes and cleaned for about an hour. I went ahead and took a shower and decided to go see Matt.

I hope he's alright.

"Janna!" A happy Leyla opens the door. When she saw me, she gasped and attacked me with a big hug.

"Hey there!" I hug her back.

"Oh hey there Jannalyn! How are you?" Matt's mom greets me. Leyla pulls away from me and stands next to me.

"I'm doing pretty good, and yourself?" I ask politely.

"I'm doing good as well. Thank you for asking." She smiles. "I actually have to take Leyla to a play date." She grabs her purse.

"Oh. Is Matthew here?" I asked her.

"Yeah, he's upstairs. He's not doing well. I heard about what happened." She sadly says.

"I'll take care of it." I tell her, her frown turns into a soft smile.

"Thank you." Then they left. I run up the stairs and knock on his door.

"Matt? Babe?" No answer. I opened the door quietly not trying to make any loud noise. I closed the door and turn around. He's laying on his bed shirtless.

I take off my shoes and climb next to him on his bed. I knew he's not sleeping. I put my arm around his waist and he wrap both arms around my neck. He moves to get comfortable, I put my head on his chest and intertwine my legs with his.

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