97 | "I want to be able to make you mine again."

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"What?" He opened his mouth the repeat his words again but I cut him off. "Matthew, you need to stop." He took a step back with a confusion written on his face. "You need to stop all of this." It was like something inside me clicked.

"What– I'm not even doing anything!" He argued.

"Yes you are! You're giving me these gifts and now you're asking me to kiss you?!" I yelled at him causing his eyes to widened in fear. "I have a boyfriend, Matthew! You're the reason Ryan keeps getting upset at me! He's my boyfriend, Matt, not you."

"You're right. I'm–" Hurt was in his eyes and it made my chest ache. "Im sorry." He glanced at me one last time, then walked inside the house to the guest room.

I grabbed the picture frame and walked to my room. I placed the picture frame on my bedside table, I picked up my phone and dialed Ryan's number hoping he'd answer but it led me to his voicemail.

I laid on the bed on my back staring at the ceiling. I lied to myself. I did want to kiss him. Why did I stop him? Ryan. I stopped Matthew from kissing me because I have a boyfriend and I love him very much.

Then I just realized lied to myself again.

Friday, December 30, 2016-

"Is everybody ready?" Luke called out, coming from the living room. Everyone was at my place and we're just about to leave to travel to Las Vegas.

"We're ready!" Everyone replied, excluding me.

"Jannalyn?" Luke called out.

"Uh— you guys go ahead and go! I'll take a second." I yelled, I heard them muttering some words to each other until I heard the front door opened.

I had everything I needed but I felt like something was missing. I always felt that way whenever I leave my house but this time, I felt and knew I was missing something.

I glanced down at myself and my suitcases wondering what could I possibly be missing. I'm pretty sure I packed everything I needed. I glanced at myself again through my mirror, my eyes landed on my finger and that's when it hit me.

The ring.

I wasn't wearing the ring. The one that Matthew gave me. I looked around my room trying to look for that ring but I couldn't find it anywhere. I remembered putting it on top of my dresser in a little box that came with it, but it wasn't there.

"Looking for this?" I startled. I quickly turned around, sighing in relief when it was just Matthew leaning against the doorway holding up the ring with his fingers. I tucked my hair behind my ear nervously.

"I actually was." My throat became dry.

I haven't spoken to Matthew since he asked me to kiss me the other night. Well, he would try to talk to me and start a conversation but I would either pretend like I received a call from Ryan or I would just walk away from him. Every now and then, I would notice his smile turn upside down into a frown and sadness filled his eyes. It made me feel terrible but I was doing the right thing, which is avoid my best friend aka the guy I'm still madly in love with.

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