69: His number one princess

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a/n: leyla is suppose to be 9 years old. oops. hi.

"We're here! We're here!" Leyla was the first one to jump out of the car right when we parked. She was already out the car by the time I unbuckled my seatbelt. The car ride was long like how I expected, it was more like 45 minutes exact. I giggled softly when Leyla opened the door for me and grabbed ahold of my hand to get me out of the car.

She was dressed in black and red polka dots dress and a pair of minnie mouse headbands. I was dressed kind of the same as her. She wanted us to be matching and so I said why not? I was dressed with a black shirt and red and white polka dots skater skirt that came with a red belt and with simple red converse. Don't forget the minnie mouse headband as well.

Leyla insisted for Matthew to dress like mickey mouse, you know with the red suspenders and all but of course, him being the grumpy mood killer refused to do so. Leyla was disappointed on him that she gave him the silent treatment the whole ride. Matthew promised her that he'll buy her so much ice cream just for her to stop the silent treatment and so she agreed.

I put on the sunglasses to keep myself from getting blind from the sun. Leyla was holding onto my hand and we were standing side by side waiting for Matthew to get our luggage out of the trunk.

"Can you be any more slower? We have a show to see, mister!" Leyla shouted at him, I kept myself from laughing but I was grinning so hard.

"Do you wanna do these then?" Matthew looked behind his shoulder and glared at her by squinting his eyes and murmuring some curse words under his breath.

"Stop talking back to me and hurry up!" Leyla groaned, Matthew then continued to take out our luggage without saying another word to his little sister.

"Who's your favorite princess?" She tugged on my hand, I looked down at her to see her already looking up at me with her chin up so high.

"Cinderella for sure." I smiled. "What about you?" I poked her nose.

"Ariel." She giggled, she then looked away from me to Matthew. "What about you, Matt? Who's your favorite princess?" Leyla asked. Matthew sighed when he took out the last suitcase from the trunk, he turned around at us. I knew he was going to say something rude so I gave him a look. He was crossing his arms and had this irritated look on his face. When I gave him a look, he rolled his eyes and let out the most heaviest dramatic sigh I've ever heard.

"That one princess from beast and the beauty movie.." He answered and seeming to be interested.

"You mean The Beauty and The beast?" Leyla rose her eyebrow at him and gave him the dirtiest look ever.

"Yeah, whatever." He shrugged his shoulders.

"And the princess' name is Belle!" She shouted. Matthew didn't respond. "Why princess Belle?"

"'cause she's hot." He simply said. A hint of me started to hate her. She's just a disney cartoon for god's sake!

"Cause she's hot?" Leyla repeated, he nod. "Why? Just because Emma Watson plays her, huh?" Leyla put her other hand that wasn't holding onto mine on her hip.

"Yup." Was all he said.

"You need some help." Leyla rolled her eyes at her older brother, she let go of my hand and walk towards her disney pink suitcase. I grabbed mine as well, Matthew locked the car before he grabbed his. Before we started walking towards the elevator, Leyla grabbed my hand again. We then walked to the elevator and got in while we pressed the lobby button.

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