37: Don't leave me

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"Holy shit." I wake up with a huge headache, I sit up on the couch with my head on my hands. I lift my head up from my hands to take a look at everyone. Everyone was still sleeping except for Andrea.

"Where do you keep your medicine, babe?" Andrea taps Luke's shoulder, waking him up. He groans opening one eye lid to look at Andrea and point.

"In the left cabinet." He tiredly says then  going back to sleep. I stood up leaving Matthew alone on the couch and followed Andrea.

"This is the worst hungover I've ever had." She says, she opens the left cabinet looking for pain killer.

"Same here." Finally, she found it. She takes some and puts it in her mouth and drank water. I took some and did the same.

"I'm starving." She opens the fridge looking for something to eat.

"Should we cook breakfast?"

"Sure, but if they don't wake up right away. I say we both finish the food." She smirks.

"You mean the three of us?" Jocelyn walks in.

"Morning, sleepin' beauty." I give her some pain killer and a glass of water.

"Morning." She smiles.

"Well what shall we cook today?" Andrea asks us.

"I say we cook pancakes, with sunny side egg, scrambled egg, and bacon." Jocelyn and Andrea groans patting their stomach.

"That sounds so fucking good." Andrea licks her lips.

"Then we better start workin!" Then we started cooking breakfast. Jocelyn fixed the table and fixed the drinks.

Matthew's point of view:

"Do you smell that or is that just me?" Keegan woke us up.

"Keegan.. leave me alone or else I'll tell everyone that you.. are.. gay.." I peek one eye open, damn it's bright. I sit up fast, real fast my head started to hurt like hell. Luke was pushing Keegan away from his face.

"How many times do I have to fucking tell you, I'm not gay!" Keegan punches Luke on his arm. He pushed him so hard, Luke was just  laughing and groaning.

"Both of you, just shut the fuck up." I told,shaking my head at them then left the living room. I followed the delicious sent. I  smiled to myself when I saw Jannalyn cooking with the girls.

"Boyfriend alert." Andrea coughs. Jannalyn looks at me and smiled.

"Good morning." I hug her, she hugs me back leaving a kiss on my cheek.

"I'm guessing we all didn't change last night?" It's right, we're all still in our swimsuits from last night. Luke came in, kissing Andrea as well. Then Keegan came in and did the same thing to Jocelyn, when Ryan came in he grab a plate of food and kisses it.

"You're so lonely." Keegan jokes.

"No I'm not. I have everything I need, food, bed and Netflix. Never been so happy in my life." He tells us, we all just laughed at him then go ahead and eat.

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