40: A birthday surprise.

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that I'm at and all time low, low, low, low, low, low, low..

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Matthew's point of freaking view:

July 7, 2016-

"Wake up! Wake up! It's your birthday! It's your birthday! Your birthday!" I heard a little girl said as she started jumping on my bed. I smiled to myself still not opening my eyes. Suddenly, she stops. "Psst! Psst!" She sits on my stomach and continuously poking my nose.

"Yes, Leyla?" I opened on eye, I turn my head to look at my little sister, Leyla who has a big grin on her face.

"Wake up! No time for sleeping! It's your birthday!" She gasps.

"Is it really?" I sarcastically said. "My birthday is tomorrow.." I lied just to tease her.

"No it's not! Today is July 7, 2016. Last time i checked your birthday is on July 7." What a smarty pants.

"You're right." I started to tickle her, she laughs out loud.

"Come on wake up already! Mom and I have a surprise! Come on!" She gets down to the floor, she grabs my arm pulling me up, well tried to.

"A surprise?" I ask letting her lead the way.

"Yeah! She woke up really early to prepare it. And I helped." We walk down the stairs. A huge smile spread across my face.

"We're almost there you big lazy butt." I laugh. "Now cover your eyes with this." She gives me a blind fold.

"Is that really necessary?" I pretended to whined.

"Are you giving me an attitude, birthday boy?" Leyla asks me, rolling her eyes.

"No, ma'am" then I let her put the blind fold on me. "What if I trip?" I ask her.

"Then you trip." She sighs.

"I don't wanna hurt myself."

"Quit being such a big baby." I heard her say. When we made it down the stairs, she pushed me from behind.

"Are we there yet?" I teasingly asked her. I just love getting on her nerves.

"Yes." She stops pushing me, she unites the blind fold and took it off. When I opened my eyes, a huge grin appeared on my face.

"Happy birthday!" My mom and Leyla yelled.

There were birthday banners hanged up everywhere, a nice looking cake, plenty of food, and nice decorations.

"You set this up for me?" I asked my mom.

"Um, we set this up for you." Leyla said butting in, she mutters something under her breath shaking her head.

"Yes, dear. We did. Happy 19th birthday!" Tears welled up my eyes, happy tears. I walk up to my mom and hugged her.

"Thank you." I whispered.

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