99 | The untold secret.

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Authors note: Sorry for the long wait once again! But guys!!! I did it! I finally graduated high school! I'm finally free but then college is here which means I'm official an adult which fucking sucks because nobody wants to be an adult. I want to be 9 years old forever, but sadly, we can't because life is a piece of shitty butthole but we have to love it, we have no choice. wow see. college is already turning me into a deep ass bitch. That's also another reason for my MIA. I just became a very sad person who looks at every negative thing in life when i should focus on the positive but, i have difficult time doing so. I'm thinking of creating a short book where i put my sad thoughts into? If you think you're interested then leave a comment and tell me, if not, then that's fine it's not even official. I just want to be able to share my thoughts and interact with people who feel the same so I know that i am not alone because it totally feels like i am so yeah.




Wednesday, March 15, 2017-

I inserted my spare of the key to the house into the keyhole. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by Burnie and Charlie happily and patiently waiting for me by the door. They were both seated on their bottoms at the from on the door, both of their tails happily wagging side to side, hitting each other but they both were distracted by me walking inside.

"Hey, buddies!" I pushed the front door close with my foot, falling down to my knees opening my arms to welcome them to attack me with their loving kisses. I began giggling uncontrollably when they were both licking every inch of my face non-stop. My giggles were echoing the house, I couldn't stop giggling causing my chest to start aching again. Then I automatically stopped giggling, pushing the two dogs away from me and ran to the kitchen while coughing. I felt like I was choking, like someone was forcing their weight on top of my chest making me have a very hard time to breathe. Burnie and Charlie followed me towards the kitchen with concerned in their eyes. They sat on their bottoms behind me, tilting their head to the side and watched me jumped up to reach for my inhaler at the very top of the cabinet. I couldn't reach it. The harder and higher I tried to jump to reach it, the harder for me to breathe and louder I cough.

"Baby! Baby!" Matthew ran out of the bathroom with nothing but his towel around his waist and his hair still wet. He gently moved me aside and reached up for my inhaler, he gave it to me and watched me take two puffs of it. Seconds later, my coughing calmed down and I was able to breathe again. "Fuck, you scared me!" He exhaled, running his fingers through his wet hair making droplets of water fall onto his skin and the floor.

"Me.. too.." I panted. He looked at me worriedly before pulling me into a hug. The fact that he was dripping wet and he just pulled me to hug him doesn't bother me at all. I was just glad that he was there to save me. i couldn't imagine how it would have been if he wasn't here. Not to sound over-dramatic, but would I still be alive if he wasn't here?

"Are you sure your doctor hasn't contacted you yet? Tell you your results?" I closed my eyes and shook my head, completely lying to him. "Don't we need to try to contact him then? Ask him in person?" I shook my head again.

"No, it's okay. We'll just wait. I'm sure he has a lot of patients to take care of. We'll just be patient, okay? don't worry." I pulled away, cupping his chubby cheeks that I love very much. I stared into his hazel eyes, that I'll love. His eyes always finds a way to comfort me and calm me down.

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