22. Papa's pizzeria

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"I know but give me a kiss first."

I stare at him in shock, I don't know if he's kidding or not but I actually have the balls to do it. Should I? Or nah? Eh, quit being such a pussy wussy and just do it. Then that's when I've never been so proud of myself and so happy.

I lean in, I look at his eyes for a second then close my own eyes and attach my lips to his. They were so soft. Softer than a baby's bum. I can feel him smile against my lips then I smile as well, but we both didn't pull away. He kisses me back softly and slowly making me melt.

The 'quick kiss' somehow turned into a make out session. His arms are wrap around my waist as he sit up. He takes my legs and wraps it around his waist.

Am I in heaven? I put my arm around his neck running my hands through his hair, tugging at it. Then he pull away from my lips, he pecks them quickly then trails kisses down my chin to my neck. He leaves kisses on my neck, looking for my sweet spot.

Once he found it, he smirks then kisses it and suck on it making a small moan escape from my mouth. After that, he pulls away from my neck and looking at my neck smiling like he's proud of himself. He left a mark, huh? I take my phone out of my pocket tapping on the camera flipping the front camera and looking if he did leave a hickey, and yes he did.

"Matt.." I groan, touching it slightly with my index finger. I wince in pain then pout at him.

"Sorry, I just want everyone to know that you.. are.. mine!" He taps my nose between every word he says.

"Okay, can I get ready now?" I ask him raising a brow.

"Wait," he says then attacks me with another kiss on the lips then pulls away. "Now you can." He laughs letting me go. "God, you're so freaking irresistible!" He yells as he stands up then let himself fall onto my bed. I look back at him to see him already looking at me. He winks at me, I smile so big then walk to the bathroom to change.

After I changed, I grab my phone unplugging it from the charger and stuff it back in my back pocket. I grab some extra cash from my wallet and put some Chapstick on my lips. To make it more soft cause you'll never know what will happen, if you know what I mean. ;)

"Ready, shortie?" Matt says getting ready to climb out from my window. I give a confuse look but answered his question.

"Yes, Matt but why are climbing out the window if we can just walk out the front door.." I say, he blinks his eyes at me.

"Because it's more exciting if we climb out of the window.." He says shrugging his shoulders.

"Fine.. but if I fall.." I sigh.

"Remember what I said when it was the last day of Coachella? I wouldn't let you fall because I'm always here to catch you, baby." He kisses my cheek softly then climbs out the window. He jumps down to the ground look up at me with a big smile on his face.

"If I get injured.. I'm blaming it on you." I point a finger at him as I lift my leg up, getting ready to jump.

"Yes, baby I know. Now jump. I'll catch you, I promise." I nod at him, I close my eyes then jump. I open my eyes to find myself in Matt's arms. "Now let's go get something to eat."

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