28. I think you look beautiful

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I know exactly how this book is going to end 😏😉😂

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June 12, 2016 - 11:20 am

It's been 2 days since the camping trip with the crew, even though there was a lot of drama and shit going on. I'm still happy that everything ended well.

"Matthew, wake up!" My annoying mother yelled, opening the door then left without closing it. One of my pet peeves!  I opened my eyes rubbing them to get it used to the sunlight shining through my window. 

I reached over to the bedside table and reach for my phone. I brought the phone close to my eyes seeing if I have any missed texts or calls. I missed a text from "my one and only shortie ❤️" it read, "oi! Oi! Wake up, you ass! I'm lonely and there's nothing to do. So can you come over? :)"

Reading that text from her made my morning and made me smile like an idiot. I quickly tapped my fingers against the screen with a big grin on my face. I texted, "sure!! I just woke up, but I'll be there in 15." send.

The whole her falling in love with me, is not really awkward. I mean, it doesn't even change the way I feel about her, ya know? Plus, she thinks that we shouldn't mention it anymore.

After sending that text, I jump out of my bed to the kitchen to eat some cereal real fast.

"Where's Leyla?" I ask my mom, my mom looks at me weird but answered my question.

"She's with.. dad." My mother said it quietly expecting me to tell and start arguing but I didn't. "Are you okay?" She asks me.

"Yes, mom why?"

"You're acting a bit strange today.." She washes her hands.

"Oh," it's Jannalyn's fault for making my day. After eating breakfast, I head up to my room to change into nice clean clothes. I usually throw on some shorts and a tank top but today I wanted to look a bit nice. Okay, why the hell am I acting like a girl?

There is definitely something wrong with me. I throw on some black jeans, vans, and a button up shirt that goes well with my pants. I put on the gold necklace I got from Jannalyn as a present. I run down the stairs grabbing my keys and wallet from the counter.

" I'm hanging out with Jannalyn!" I yelled before running out of the house. I walk up to her front door with a sweet smile. I was about to knock but I fixed my shirt first before knocking on the door.

"Hey, dork." She opens the door fast making the wind blow her hair. Like in one of those romantic movies where the guy sees the girl and suddenly it's in slow motion. Can someone please tell me why it's happening right now?

"And there's my amazing best friend everybody." I said making her laugh. I walk in her house and waited for her to close the door.

"Why are you all dressed up?" She asks me.

"Decided to dress nice for once." I shrug my shoulders following her to her room.

"Look at me, I look like a boy." She looks at her self though the mirror. She was wearing one of my shirts which looks big on her, sweatpants, and her hair on a messy ponytail.

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