31. water balloons & fiancè

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Friday June 24, 2016 - 9:08 am

I'm in my room just laying on my bed, you know? Just chilling. I was about to text Matthew and tell him to come over but a water balloon hit my window.

"Stupid little fucking kids." I groan walking over to my window, I opened it looking around for those little mother fuckers until someone hit my face with a water balloon making me wet. Then I heard Matthew's laugh. I look down and there he was holding two buckets filled with water balloons.

"Um babe, you got a little something on your face.." He laughs out loud.

"What do you think your doing?" I ask him crossing my arms over my chest.

"Number 10. Have a water balloon fight." I didn't know what he was talking about until he sent me a picture of the bucket list we made.

"Out of everyone, you chose me?"

"Well you are easy." He smirks.

"What is that suppose to mean?" I ask.

"Just get your cute butt over here and fight me." I laugh.

"What does the winner get?"

"A kiss from their loved one." He wink at me making my cheeks turn pink. Then I run down the stairs quickly to my backyard. "A bucket for you and a bucket for me."

"Okay.. At-" Before I can ask him something he starts throwing water balloons at me. Some of them hit me but some of them flew past me.

I started running around throwing water balloons at him too. I used to play softball so I guess you can say I'm pretty good at aiming stuff. I even threw one hitting him in the face. We spent about 30 minutes having a water balloon fight until I ran out of water balloons.

"I'm out!" I pout.

"I win!" He had one more water balloon so he walks over to me held it above my head and squeezed it until it pop making the my hair wet.

"That was fun!" I smile then started cleaning up our mess.

"Now come give your boyfriend a kiss, baby." He takes my hand pull me close to him, I go on my tippy toes and attach my lips on his. We both pull away and go back to cleaning up.

After cleaning up that mess, I walk in the house to the kitchen to get a snack. I was going to grab a bowl of strawberries but I thought, 'nah fuck that' then go with the bag of chips. Matt grab 2 cans of soda from the fridge a some popped popcorn, then we run up to my room.

"Let's watch some Netflix." Matt jumps on my bed turning on the tv as he says the word 'netflix' weird.

"Matt, your clothes are still soaking wet." I pointed at his shirt. He shrugs his shoulders slowly and teasingly taking it off throwing it on the floor.

"You're starring." He looks over at me winking, I blink my eyes clearing my throat and look for some clean pj's to change into. I quickly change in the bathroom then lay on the bed with Matt.

"What are we watching?" I chew on some popcorn. Matt scoots over a bit then he put his arm around my legs and the other around my shoulders pulling me closer to him and put my legs on his lap.

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