73. You look handsome as always

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a/n: we're young dumb broke high school kids

"Baby, I'm home!" Ryan and I both turned our heads to the front door, Matthew haven't noticed Ryan when his back was faced towards us as he slammed the front door. He kicked off his shoes then finally turned around. "Ryan?" Matt raised an eyebrow before he walked towards Ryan and greeted him with a handshake.

"Yeah, hey Matt. What's up?" Matthew's confused face glanced at me. I sent him a smile and listened to them speak.

"Just got home, what about you?" It sounded like he wanted to know why Ryan was here and didn't want to make it seem like he doesn't want him here.

"Oh, I just ran into Jannalyn at the market earlier." Then Matthew made his way towards me and greeted me with a simple quick peck on the lips. He took some of my fries and took a bit of my chicken nuggets. "I should get going by the way." I felt Ryan's eyes on me and Matthew felt it too. Matt looked at him first before I did. "It was really nice hanging out with you. We should do it sometime again." Ryan smiled, he began to stood up from the chair and so did I.

"I agree, hit me up anytime, Ry." I hugged him, my back facing Matt. Speaking of Matt, I can feel his eyes burning through my back watching my every move.

"I promise." He pulled away first. "See you later, Matthew!" Ryan awkwardly waved at him then walked out of the door.

"Hm..Ry, huh?" Was the first thing that came out of his mouth. He was sitting on the chair I was sitting on so I sat my butt down where Ryan was sitting that was across from Matthew. I crossed my arms, a sigh leaving my mouth.

"Who said you can eat my chicken nuggets?" I tried to ignore what he said. I stole some chicken nuggets which was practically mine so I didn't stole it at all.

"Since when did you start calling him Ry?" He asked, ignoring the little playful question I asked him.

"Matt.." I glared at him.

"Answer the question." He demanded, his dark eyes on me watching me eat the chicken nuggets.

"He's my friend, Matthew. I have nicknames for all of my friends." I defended.

"Since you have nicknames for all of your friends, what nickname did you give Luke?" He asked. I groaned out loud and smacked my palm against my forehead. "Or was Ryan just so special to you that you gave him a nickname?" His arm was around the chair beside him, his dark eyes were on me with the inside of his cheek between his teeth.

"Matthew.. here we go again." I whispered the last part to myself but I knew he heard what I said so of course, he had to ask what I meant by it.

"What do you mean here we go again?"

"Do you not remember last time? You thought that Ryan and I had something going on and you overreacted." I leaned back against the chair. "Do I have to remind you every time that there's nothing going on between Ryan and I? Like ever." I was a bit pissed off.

"I know there's nothing going on-"

"Then why the hell do you keep overreacting and get all jealous when I hang out with him?" His eyes softened.

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