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It's August 1. The month that everyone hates because of fucking school. 🖕🏼 high school 😒 hell starts next week 😫

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Jannalyn's point of freaking view:

"So he just arrived at his dad's house." I smirk wiggling my eyebrows at Andrea who got here like at thirty minutes ago.

"How much time do we have then?" Andrea takes out a handful of matte red lipsticks, some dark one and light ones.

"Like a hour." I shrug my shoulders, I sit on the computer chair as I tie my hair up in a pony tail.

"We go plenty of time, so how many?" She turns the chair so I can face her.

"I was thinking.." I slowly say with a smirk on my face. "One below my ear, one on my collarbone and one on my boob."

So if you have no idea what we are doing, Andrea and I decided to pull a prank on Matt. As in, have 3 fake hickeys. I can't wait to see the look on his face.

"What do you think he'll do?" Andrea asks me dabbing some of the red lipstick on my skin.

"Freak out." I laugh. "What if he breaks up with me though?" I start to freak out.

"No, he won't" She chuckles.

"And how do you know that?" I pinch my skin to make it a bit more red and look real.

"He's way in love with you, there's no way he'll try and break up with you." She says making me blush.

"Is baby Jannalyn blushing?" She teases me. I laugh shoving her playfully.

"He'll probably think I lied that you were coming over. He'll think it was some other guy." I had no idea why, but Sammy came into my mind.

Andrea took a step back to look at it and gasped.

"Dude, it looks so freaking real." Andrea laughs, she turns the chair so I can see my reflection on the mirror.

"Holy shit." I tapped it with my index finger. "This will definitely be hard to remove, especially since it's really red and dark." I pinch it more.

"Has he given you a hickey before?" She asks me, adding a little bit more of red lipstick.

"Yeah, like once or twice." I shrug my shoulders.

"Did you guys get into it yet?" She pokes me.

"What? No! At least, not yet.." She gasps teasing me as she poke my sides.

"So what's the plan?" Andrea asks me going on her phone. I took off my hair tie and brush my comb through my hair.

"Okay, so when he park his car outside his house, I'm pretty sure he'll walk over to my house. But when he's like walking to my doorstep you'll be there knocking on my door then he'll find out that you just 'got here.'" I told her.

"This is so fun! Just hope he won't lose his shit or something." We laughed.

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