76. "Ooh, they're gon' have angry sex."

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"Yeah, well you were sleeping while I was trying to watch tv." He argued back, Andrea argued back by calling him something that triggered him. I didn't even want to know so I just walked away and into the kitchen.

I assumed they already ate breakfast since there were plates of waffles, pancakes, and some fruits. I sat my butt down and started eating before we needed to get ready to leave.

Later on, when I was almost done, Matthew walked in with an anger expression on his face. 
His jaw was clenched so with his fist. He stopped infront of me and talked through his gritted teeth.

"Can we talk." He said, it wasn't even like a question.

"About what?" I dropped the eye contact and looked at my half eaten pancake.

"I think you know." He rolled his eyes. Then that's when I clicked.

"What is up with you? If one of us should be angry, then it should be me!" I stood up. He just lets out a dry laugh then crossed his arms.

"I have a reason to be fucking angry with you, Jannalyn!" He yelled back.

"And what's that reason, Matthew." Now I was angry as him. Who does he think he is to come at me like that when I should be the angry one for what he did last night.

"We need to talk in private. We can't talk about it here when they can hear." He told me. I walked with him to the room so we can get this over with.

"Ooh, they're gon' have angry sex." Keegan snickered, earning a smack behind the head from Jocelyn. I sent him a death glare with made him put his hands up in defense and shut his mouth.

We then walked into our bedroom, I sat on the edge of the bed and waited for him to closed the door then he stood infront of me.

"I heard you and Ryan's conversation." He quietly said, my face softened by I was still angry. "Not only I heard that he has feelings for you but something happened last night supposedly..?" I felt afraid to say what happened when I knew nothing happened, we just talked.

So why am I afraid?

"Nothing happened, okay?" Wa the first thing I said. By the look of his face, it was like he didn't trust me. "We were just talking."

"Where were you two talking?"

"In a bedroom." I simply answered. He then laughed.

"So you two were talking in a bedroom alone, are you sure nothing happened?" He raised a brow at me with a sarcastic smile on his face.

"I'm 100% sure." I sighed.

"I'm pretty sure you were drunk last night so maybe you guys did something but you don't remember." He slowly said. "Sounds pretty right to me."

"What? You don't believe me?" I stood up. "Want me to bring him in right now so he can tell you the truth which is nothing happened last night" I was so damn angry at him.

"No, because then he'll just agree with you because he's totally in love with you." He scoffed rolling his eyes.

"What is wrong with you? Why do you have to be such a dick?"

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