65. "We're back, bïtches!"

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"Heyyyy, guess who's in town?" I heard Andrea's voice say. I can hear cars driving and people talking in the background.

"You're already in town? I thought you weren't moving in until tomorrow?" Matthew quirked his eyebrow at me, he's just confused as I am. I glanced at him then looked down at my plate of food. I can't wait to eat you, I thought.

"Let me correct you, sweetie. We're already in town. I know, surprise surprise." We're? Does she mean by everyone? My eyes widened and my lips held up a big smile.

"Are they all with you?" I asked.

"Yep! You're on speaker by the way. Everyone say hi!" I pulled the phone away and put it in speaker so Matthew can hear also. "Yes, Keegan. It is Jannalyn and Matthew." I can just imagine Andrea rolling her eyes at him.

I let out a laugh when I heard Keegan say, "Are you sure sure sure? What if they're kidnapped and is being forced to talk to us?" Dorky Keegan says. When I laughed out loud, he says, "Oh yeah! It is her!" I then heard someone smacking someone on the head.

"Idiot." It was Luke.

"Don't hit him!" I heard Ryan tell Luke and smacked Luke back.

"Hey lovebirds!" Luke greeted us through the phone after having a small argument with Keegan and Ryan.

"What's up, Luke?" Matthew said. I put down the phone on the table so I can actually eat.

"Moving out of LA that's for sure, how's Davis by the way? Treating you good?"

"It's great, it's great. It's much more quitter unlike LA." Matthew stabs the chicken before taking a bite.

"Yeah that's what I heard too. We needed something for a change." Luke says and Matthew nodded agreeing with him.

"Okay, times up! Jannalyn, tell me your address so we can come by and hang out with you lovebirds." I heard someone coughed the moment Andrea called us lovebirds.

"Alright it's 1025 Davis street." I told her.

"Alright, got it! We'll see you two then!" 

"Call us when you're down at the parking lot so we can open the gate and let you guys in." I said.

"Ooh gate, fancy." I heard Keegan say in the background before she said okay and that she'll see us soon then hung up.

"Keegan is such an idiot, I swear to god." Matthew laughs and I laugh with him agreeing. We ate the food, filling our empty stomachs up and waited for them to arrive in the living room. We turned on the tv and watched a bit more of Teen Wolf as we wait patiently for them. We're cuddled up next to each other, enjoying one another's presence.
After we finished watching one episode, I received a call from Andrea.

"Alright, bitch we're here. Do you automatically let us in or do we have to oh— what's the code?" She asked.

"7913." I said, they mumbled the number again as they press the button.

"7913. Quick write it down so we can come rob them!" I heard Keegan whispered yelled to someone. I shake my head at him for being such a idiot.

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