Chapter 58

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We walk in to want looks like someone's living room not a meeting room or someone's office like I was expecting.

"Finally your here" I hear a man voice say that makes me pale instantly and make me want to throw up from fear

I look over and see my father sitting in chair with a glass of whiskey in his hand with a couple of guards surrounding his and with Stefan at his right side, they all look like they been patiently waiting for me to come through that door.

"Sorry I'm late traffic was a bitch" i say because when I'm nervous I say stupid shit

"Just like you" I hear Stefan mutter which makes me glare at him

"Why don't you just take that mask off so I can see your pretty face" my father says in a way that more of a order

I take it off and sit on the table.

"You haven't change a bit but also look unrecognizable " he mutters as he takes a sip of his drink

"Your the one that hasn't changed a bit still the sack of shit you've always been" I tell him trying my best to show no fear on my face

He smiles like he loves it when I say stuff like that because I'm acting like him.

"Now who's this" he gestures to tom even though he knows exactly who this is

"Remember the guy you hired to kidnap Keith daughter well this idiot kidnap her instead and she got them wrapped around her finger" Stefan says

"Clever girl" my father smiles

"Where's Keith?" I ask him tired of talking

"O he's not dead yet if that's what your wondering" my father says annoyed that I asked

"I honestly don't know why you even bother you could of been out of the country by now instead of trying to save him and babysit his brat of a daughter" he says almost curious like he doesn't understand

"You want to know why I care because they are my family unlike you" I spat

"That no way to talk to your father!" He says trying to remain calm "I've takin care of you taught you how to defend yourself and this is how you repay me by locking me up and going to the one man you know I've always hated?"

I did know that, he wanted to take Keith out but then I took Keith side and helped him put away my father.

"But I'm going to give you one more chance to earn my forgiveness" my father says all of a sudden

"How?" I ask confused

"Well for starters killing off lover boy here" he points at tom "and then Keith obviously"

"They are good men!" I tell him

"No ones good" he reminds me

"what about Caroline and Jeffrey?" I ask him

"I'll let them live I suppose but only if you do what needs to be done" he says "now be smart for once"

I look at tom who's already looking at me.

"So that will earn your forgiveness?" I ask him

"Yes that's a start at least" he nods

"You can't be serious?" Tom says like he can't tell if I'm actually thinking about it or not

"He's right I can't win not against him" I say on the verge of tears

"Help her" my father tells two of his guards, they come over and make tom kneel to the ground

"Sam don't do this!" Tom says to me almost like he's on verge of tears as well

I see him searching my face trying to see if I'm serious or not.

"He's right I need to be smart for once" I look at my father who actually looks proud of me for once in his life

"Sam this isn't you" tom pleads

"You only just meet her you have know idea who she really is" Stefan says to tom enjoying this

"He's right you have no idea who I really am what kind of person I am" I tell tom

"I know exactly who you are we are the same please Sammy" tom says

"I'm just doing exactly what you would do if you were in this situation" I say and raise my gun

"I'm sorry " I whisper and shoot

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