Chapter 48

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"Okay you do realize we need a new place to stay because everyone knows where we live" Cody says out loud

"Okay go get Macy" I tell Michael and tell him to meet me at this address

"Got it" he nods

We all meet up at the address.

"Who lives here?" Tom asks me

"An old friend" I say that loosely

"you guys stay here just in case" I tell them

I walk up to the door and knock on it and wait.

Finally Kate opens the door "Samatha?" She says in shock

"Yeah been getting that a lot today" I laugh nervously

"What are you doing here?" I know I'm the last person she ever expected to see at her front door

"Well I'm in trouble and I just need a place to crash" I say pleading

"I don't know " she sighs probably not wanting to get involved

"Come on you owe me" I beg

"For what?" She folds her arms and raises a eyebrow

"Well uh remember that time I gave you a piece of gum"

She rolls her eyes "come on in"

"Actually I'm not alone" I point to the car

"Have you started your own gang?" She asks me

"Basically" I shrug

"Tell them to come on too I guess" she shakes her head and walks in the house

I wave at them to come on.

"You sure it's okay?" Tom asks me as he walks up beside me

"She's acts grumpy but she's a big softy" I laugh

"And we can trust her?" He asks

"Who knows" I shrug

"That's good to know" he runs a hand through his hair

We all walk in her place.

"You guys can't stay long just heads up" Kate tells us

"I've missed you too" I smirk

I known Kate a long time she grew up like me but at least I know how to have fun.

"Okay can someone tell what's going on? Because I have a lot of questions" Caroline says a little freaked out

"Yeah" I sigh "let's sit"

Everyone sits on the couch.

"Okay what do you know?" I ask Caroline

"Well I know that you pretended to be me to protect me" she says

"Okay I'm going to tell you something now don't freak out okay?" I say slowly

"Okay" she nods

"Before I came to live with you guys my father was the head of the Mafia"

"What? Why didn't you tell me?" She says shocked

"I didn't want to freak you out I mean your dad knew and he didn't want you guys to know either"

"You should of told me" she says a little hurt

"I'm sorry"

"I'm really confused" Joshua says trying to keep up

"O yeah you weren't here for her Hannah Montana moment" Michael chuckles

I flip Michael off and turn to Joshua "I'm not Caroline that's Caroline" I point to Caroline "my name Samatha"

"So we kidnapped the wrong girl?" he says "so you let us believe you were her so you could protect her" he says trying to make sense of all this

"Exactly" I smile

"Also she killed like 20 dudes since we found out who she was" Michael smirks

"You've killed people?!" Caroline whispers

"Yes" I try calming her down "but they were bad people"

"Oh"she nods

"Hey let's give them a minute" tom tells the guys and they walk into the kitchen

"I'm sorry this has happened it's all my fault" I say all of a sudden

"No it's not! Don't say that" she shakes her head "all this time you been protecting me I mean you pretended to be me so they wouldn't kidnap me and then came and saved me" she says through tears

"Of course your my best friend" I cry

"Your my best friend" she starts crying and hugs me

I see Cody come back in the living and stop once he sees us

"Uh sorry go back to crying and hugging and stuff uh do you guys need tissues or candy or uh" he says fumbling to say the right thing

"Get in here!" Tom yells at him

"Wait a second" Caroline says pulling away "can we trust them? They did kidnapped you"

"Yeah we can there surprisingly good guys" I laugh

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