Chapter 9

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I watch the guys play their video game for awhile.

"Hey can I ask you guys a favor?" I ask them, they all turn to me "I need some clothes. I know I look great in this dress but it's not comfortable" I see Michael checking me out

"Fine we will get you some clothes tomorrow. I'll get you some pajamas to wear tonight" tom says to me

"Thank you" I tell him,he nods

Another hour goes by I feel myself getting sleepy "hey tom?" I yawn

"Yes" he says looking at his phone

"I'm ready for bed" I tell him, he looks at me and nods

He stands up, I stand up and start following him "night guys" I tell to the boys as I walk out of the room

"Night Caroline" I hear them say

We walk up stairs and he opens a door, I guess it's his room it's actually surprisingly clean. He walks over to his dresser and pulls out a pair of boxers and grabs a white tshirt of his .

"Here" he says handing me the clothes

"Thanks" I say

We walk to my room. I walk in I turn around to see he just standing there,we stare at each other.

"Why didn't you escape?" He asks me again like he doesn't understand

"Because I knew you would find me" I tell him even though I know I could escape easily and not be found but what if he kidnapped Caroline

he stares at me I can't read his face "goodnight" I tell him

"Goodnight" he says shutting the door and locking me in for the night

I take a shower and change into the pajamas happy to get out of this dress. I get underneath the covers but I can't shut my mind off what if they figure out I'm not Caroline, what if they kill me?, should I just escape?, I hope Keith and Caroline and Jeffrey are okay I miss them I finally found a family and I lost them.

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