Chapter 56

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I think we went over the plan a thousand times on the way over to the party.

"Are you sure you don't want to just stay in the car?" I try again with Caroline

"Sam" she gives me a look that says if you ask me one more time I'm going to hurt you

"Okay okay" I put my hands up in surrender

We stop around the corner and let out Michael, Cody, and Kate.

"Watch your backs" tom tells them

"We will" Cody nods

"I wonder if they are going to have food at this things?" I hear Michael say to Cody as they shut the car door

As we approach the mansion I feel someone grab my hand which startles me, I look down to see its tom. He gives me a small smile and gives my hand a little squeeze and if Joshua and Caroline weren't in the car this would be that moment where I kiss him.

"We need to put our masquerade masks on" Caroline reminds us

"Here I'll help you" Joshua tells Caroline and helps ties it

"Here" tom says and grabs my mask and ties it for me

"Thank you" I smile at him

"Ready?" Tom asks us

Someone opens the door for us, I look at Caroline and give her a small smile and pray that nothing happens to her.

Tom helps me out of the car and Joshua and Caroline follow behind us, we walk up to a guy with a clipboard.

"Names?" He says in a bored tone

"William and Elizabeth Watson" tom tell the guy

I watch as the guy looks for my name and I try my best not to act worried and hope Dave came through for us.

"Okay Mr. and Mrs. Watson you may go in" he tells us

"Come on honey" I tell tom

The guards open the door for us and we walk in, this place is filled with the richest and most powerful people in the city. I look around me and I don't recognize anyone which I hope is a good thing, but I don't see my father anywhere so that makes me wonder what he's up too.

"We need to find Dave" I whisper to tom

"Let's split up" he tells me

He goes toward the left and I go towards the right, it's kind of hard to tell who's who honestly with everyone wearing mask.

As I'm walking I feel a pair of hands at my waist and I'm pulled to the hallway.

"Don't freak out" I hear and look to see it Dave

"You scared me" I smack his shoulder

"Ow" he says rubbing his shoulder "is that how you thank a person"

"Hey I brought Kate didn't I?"'i smirk

"I didn't think she would actually come" he smiles a little

"I told you I'm good now let's stay on track here. Where's my father?" I ask him

"He's upstairs in a meeting about what I wouldn't now" he tells me

"How many guards?" I ask

"I don't know I haven't been aloud up there but hopefully not too many" he says

"Any camera?"

"I'm sure" he nods

"Okay anything else I need to know?"

"Yes there's two guards guarding the elevator  door so I don't know how your going to get past them" he tells me

"I'll think of something" I give him a smile "thanks again"

"Anytime" he smiles back and walks away

I walk over to tom.

"Okay he's upstairs in a meeting and I don't know how many guards there are up there and there's some cameras" I tell him

"Anything else?" He asks me

"O and two guards are preventing us for going up the elevator" I sigh a little frustrated

"We need to think of something" he says thinking

"And no we can't just knock them out in front of all these people" I smirks knowing that's probably what he's thinking

"You know me too well" he smirks back

I look over and see Joshua and Caroline in the corner.

"Okay I think I may have come up with a plan" I tell tom

"Oh no" he mutters

"Hush" I say and walk over to Joshua and Caroline

"hey you ready to pitch in?" I ask Caroline

"Born ready" she says getting excited

"easy there tiger okay you see over there by the elevators there's two guards" I says to them "I'm going  to need you two to come up with something and distract them"

"How?" She asks me

"You went to that drama class once you got this" I give her a wink

"I got this" she repeats

I walk back over to tom. "Be ready for the signal"

"What signal?" He asks me confused

"You cheated on me with that whore!" I hear caroline screech and slap the crap out of Joshua

"I think that's it" I laugh

I walk passed Caroline who is screaming at Joshua and Joshua looks petrified.

"How could you! you told me you love me!" She says and throws a glass at Joshua barely missing him

I notice the guards by the elevator try to calm down Caroline.

"Don't you tell me to calm down!" She yells in one of the guards face

I give her a small smile as me and tom slip inside the elevator and quickly close it before the guards turn around.

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