Chapter 32

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This is definitely not the best plan I've ever thought of.

"I don't like this" tom says once again

I roll my eyes "do you have a plan?"

He sighs and shakes his head.

"That's what I thought" I say "now I swear if you guys leave me in there , when ever I get out I'm going to personally kick each one of your asses" I smile sweetly

"Wait before we do this what's your actual name?" Cody asks me

I smile" Samatha"

Michael wraps my hands together but not too tight so I can get out if I need to.

Me and tom look at each other, he gives me a small smile.

Cody puts some duck tape on my mouth and a blind fold over my eye.

"Here I got her" tom says

I feel him lift me up bridal style and carry me out the door.

"If you start to feel scared or uncomfortable or anything let me know and we will figure out another way" he says to me, The only thing I can do is nod.I put my head in the crock of his neck.

I hear the trunk open, I feel myself being lowered into the trunk and they shut the trunk.

I'm back in the trunk but atleast this time I'm not being kidnap, I'm working with them. Who would of thought that would happen, I really am good.

"You comfy" I hear Michael snicker

Even though he can't see me I flip him off.

"I can imagining her flipping you off right now" I hear tom say

we really are so in tune.

It takes us half an hour to get to the destination, I try to listen to what the guys are saying because I know their talking about me.

"So do you think she's crazy?" I hear Michaels voice

"She was playing us the whole time"

"I wonder if she's in the Mafia?"

"Dude she killed like a bunch a people by herself of course she probably is"

"I wonder who she really is?"

I feel the car start to slow down and it gets quiet, Then I hear talking again.

I listen closely to what they are saying.

"Yeah I'm here to deliver Caroline" I hear tom tell someone

"She's in the trunk" he says

"Well the boss is ready to take care of her"I can't hear what the other guy is saying

"Thanks man" and we start driving again for a second and then the car is put in parked

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