Chapter 54

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I honestly don't know what our exact plan is I think we are just making this up as we go along.

"So why should I help?" Kate asks me

"You hate my father" I tell her trying to get her to help us

"Everyone does" she rolls her eyes

"Come on you and I both know you can't stand him and want him taken down just like us"

"I've never been on the good side before" she smirks

"Yeah it's a little weird at first but it's pretty cool I guess" I shrug

"Fine I'll help" she sighs

"Okay I got our ID's made" Michael tells us

"Sam" tom calls me over

I walk over to him "yeah?"

"Okay pick your weapons" he tells me

"You definitely know how to win a girls heart" I smirk and look at all the weapons as if I'm a kid in a candy store

I pick out two guns and a knife since I rather do hand to hand combat but sometime they cheat and pull out a gun.

"Did Joshua get you guys some tuxes?" I ask tom

"Yes" he nods

"You do look good in a tux I have to admit" I smirk at him

"Are you flirting with me?" He smirks back

"Okay I'm standing right here" Michael says to the both of us

"I'm aware" I say as I look at tom

"And I can pull off a tux too" he mumbles as he types something in the computer

"I'm sure you can sweetie" I pat his head

"Make sure Macy sees you in it before she leaves" I whisper to him

"That's a good idea" he smiles

Macy was able to get us girls some dresses.

"We all set for tomorrow?" Tom asks everyone

We all nod.

"Okay rest up" he says

"I still don't want you coming tomorrow" I tell Caroline

"Listen I might not be as tough as you but I can do this" she says determine

"Okay but you do everything I say got it" I say giving in

"Of course" she nods

"Hopefully this will be all over soon" I say to myself

"So Joshua been teaching me some ways to defend myself" she beams with excitement

"O yeah?" I can't help but smirk "well I know you can't take down someone with a lamp"

"I still feel really bad about that" she winces "but I thought he was one of them and so I tried to think what would Samatha do"

"Beat someone with a lamp? I probably would" I laugh

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