Chapter 2

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We get home later that day after we ran some other errands.

"Finally we are home" I say I'm exhausted shopping wears me out

"Wasn't it fun though we never get out" Caroline tell me as we walk into her room I plop on her bed.

"Yeah it was fun. I still can't believe your dad is letting us go tomorrow to the party" I say

"I know he's way to protective"

It is true but I understand he's a powerful man in the government he gets death threats everyday and even some about Caroline and Jeffrey so he doesn't let them out a lot. they are also homeschooled and do most of there shopping online or Monica gets whatever we need and when he has any type of celebration where a lot of people are going to be there he doesn't allow the kids or me to come he says its to risky but he does lets us go out once in a while and when we do we have about 20 body guards like today.

"It's because he loves you guys" I remind her

"I know but i just want to be like everyone else and go to the mall or talk to guys" she sighs as she sits down on the bed with me.

"You know what will make you feel better" I say

"What?" she sighs

"A ice cream sundae" I laugh

"That would I mean I did have a salad for lunch so I should be okay right?" She asks me

"O yeah 1 sundae won't make you gain 20 pounds by tomorrow" I get up and she follows me but I stop at Jeffrey's room.

"I'll meet you downstairs" Caroline tells me as she walks off

I knock on Jeffrey's door "come in" I hear him.
I open the door to see he's playing with Legos on the floor

"hey buddy" I say sitting next to him

"Hey Sammy did you guys have fun shopping" he laughs because he knows I'm not a big fan of shopping.

"Yeah it was fun Tiring but fun Caroline had a blast" I laugh

"I don't want to go tomorrow" he whines

"Me either but we have each other to hang out with and there's going to be lots of food" I nudge his shoulder

"Okay" he laughs

"Me and Caroline are going to go get a ice cream sundae downstairs you want one"

"Yes yes yes!"he says getting up and running out the door

"So was that a yes?" I call out even though I know he can't hear me.

We sit at the table and eat our ice cream sundaes.

"Hey kiddos" Keith says as he walks in

"Hey dad" Caroline and Jeffrey say at the same time, I give a simple wave since I have ice cream in my mouth

"Have you guys even had dinner yet" he ask trying to act like he's mad but failing

"I think we should eat dessert before our meals" Jeffrey says

"I second that" I say

"Here here" Caroline giggles

Keith sighs but then tells the maid he'll have one too.

"Have you even had dinner yet" I say in a mocking tone

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