Chapter 34

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Me and tom walk out of the room.

"So How did it go?" Cody asks raising a eyebrow

"We had a nice talk" I shrug

"We need to find a guy named Mitch" tom tell them

We all start walking down the hall, until tom stops all a sudden catching me off guard he grabs me and pulls me back.

I look at him confused and he puts a finger on his lips telling me to be quiet.

I lean against the wall and look over to see some awkward dude sitting behind a desk playing on his phone.

"I got this" I whisper to them

I quickly walk out of the hallway and walk straight up to his desk.

"Excuse me?" I say to him smiling

He looks up and does a double take.

"Uh yes I can I help you?" He clears his throat

"Yes wheres Mitch?" I pretend to be pissed

"Um" he says a little scared

"That dumbass is in so much trouble! Now you better tell me where he is or you might make the boss mans list as well" I tell him

"He's in the bathroom" he mumbles

"Thanks" I smile sweetly

"Also could you hand me a tissue" I ask him

"Yeah" he says and turns around and opens a drawer

The guys quickly walk passed me before the guy turns back around

"Here"the guy hands me

"Thanks" I wink

"Impressive" Michael whispers to me as I walk over to them

"I know" I smirk flipping my hair

"Let's go"tom rolls his eyes

"He's in the bathroom" I tell them

We keep walking until we see the bathroom door.

"You guys ready?" Tom asks us, we all nod

We walk in, I see the guys feet in the stall floor.

We all lean against the sinks with our arms folded waiting for him, Mitch opens the stall door and looks up at us confused.

"Uh" he says looking at us and then at me "this is the men's room"

"O I didn't know" I say sarcastically

I walk over to him and grab him by the tie and pull him over to the wall maybe a little to hard.

"Nice to meet see you again mitch" I smile

"How are you here? " he says looking at me confused realizing who I am

Tom gets in his face "you were at my house"

"Where's Christopher?" Mitch asks us panicking

"He's not going to save you"I tell him

"Where's my brother" tom says grabbing him by the collar

"Your brother?" he says trying to play innocent

"Lock the door" I tell Cody

"Wait Christopher made me take him and someone else got a blonde chick and brought them here and one of the bosses men picked them up" he says shaking with fear

"Do you know where they took them from here?" Michael asks him

"I think to a house but that's all I know I swear" he says

Tom looks at me and I look at him we both nod knowing he doesn't know anything else.

"I believe you" tom smiles and punches the guy knocking him out

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