Chapter 42

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I look at him and even though its been years and his baby face is gone I won't ever forget that face. STEFAN!

But I don't think he recognizes me, only that I'm not Mary.

He grabs my arm and pulls me downstairs to the living room where tom is kneeled on the floor a little bruised up surrounded by two men .

"Found another one" Stefan says and pushes me forward signaling me to kneel beside tom

Tom looks at me making sure I'm not hurt, I give a small smile because I know we are screwed.

"You two are either very brave of really stupid" Stefan says to us as he paces back and forth probably trying to decide what to do with us

"You better be glad the boss isn't here he would make your deaths slow and very very painful" he tells us, He stops pacing and looks at us."I do have to say you guys got further than most" he says like he's a tiny bit impressed

Me and tom don't say anything.

I try not to look at Stefan to much hoping he won't recognize me.

"Now you will tell me who you are and what you want?" He says to us

Me and tom still don't say anything.

"Hard way it is" Stefan mutters as he grabs a gun from the back of his jeans and points it at toms head

I know Stefan and I know he isn't bluffing, he will shoot him.

"Now do any of you want to talk now?" Stefan says running out of patience

"Stop" I say finally breaking my silence

"She talks" Stefan smiles "so you want to take the wig off since I know your not Mary but I do got to say you pulled her off pretty good same manniesions and everything" he says impressed

I look at tom, I really don't want to take off my wig because once I do there's no going back because I know Stefan will recognize me.

I slowly bring my hand to my wig and pull it off making my blonde hair fall down.

I look at Stefan who had a smirk on his face but now looks at me in shock realizing who I am.

"You?" He says confused

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