Chapter 23

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I go and take a shower it helps me think.

Maybe I should steal toms phone? but he keeps it up his ass so I don't know how I could get it. I could always seduce him but I don't want to give him the satisfaction thinking I'm into him because I'm not! I mean yes he has a really nice body and a nice smile and pretty eyes. Shut up Samatha!

I'll get that phone somehow maybe that Christopher guy will show up even if I have to take a beating to get that phone it will be worth it if I can get any information about the head boss dude.

I get out of the shower and wrap a towel around me and open the door that leads to my room.

To my surprised Cody is siting on my bed.

"Uh hello?" I say confused

"Hey" he says checking me out

"Up here" I say pointing at my eyes

"Sorry um can I asks you something?" He says a little nervous

"As long as it's nothing sexual than ask away" I tell him, he laughs

I sit next to him on the bed.

"I know I shouldn't even be asking you this because well we did kidnap you and holding you against your will but I can't really talk to the guys about his and your the only girl I know and I get it if you don't want to help and" he says rambling

"Cody what is it" I interrupt

"The other day when we were talking and remember how I told you about I was kinda seeing a girl"

"Yes" I start getting excited

"Well I really like her but I'm not really good at talking to girls" he says nervously

"You talk to me fine" I tell him

"Yeah but it's different with you your like one of the guys" he laughs

"Thanks?" I say not knowing if that's a compliment or not

"Anyway We've only hanged out a few times but I really like her and I don't want to screw it up. She likes to text and I'm not really good at talking in general so I was wondering if you could help me out" he smiles nervously

"yeah of course" I tell him laughing

He hands me his phone too bad this wasn't toms phone.

"Okay she'll be in love with you in no time" I say as I start texting her

"Thanks your the best" he nudges my shoulder

I looked at his past messages with her and he's a boring texter.

"How's it going?" He asks after 10 minutes

"Great she's so nice and funny she has a 10 month old puppy named roger he's a German Shepard and she's a gemini so remember her birthday next month and she loves to cook" I tell him

"Wow you got all that information in just 10 minutes" he says amazed

I hear a knock at the door but I don't bother looking up.

I hear someone clear their throat "what's going on here?" I hear toms voice like he's accusing us of something

I look up to see his arms folded and with a eyebrow raised I can tell he's not happy with what he's seeing and what he's seeing is me in only a towel on the bed with Cody and texting someone so I get it.

"Hey what to join us" I smirk

"What the hell is going on here!" he glares

Me and Cody look at each other "we realized we love each other and nothing's going to keep us apart" I say dramatically

"It's not what it looks like" Cody says defensively

"Then explain" he says trying to not get mad

"O well I needed girl advice and she's helping me text a girl she's really good actually" Cody tells him quickly

"And why is she naked?" Tom asks him, I just shrug

"O yeah I forgot about that" Cody says staring at me

"Please put some clothes on" tom tells me

"Wow something wrong with you guys" I shake my head "telling a girl to put her clothes on instead of off" I laugh

"Whats going on?" I see Michael standing in the hallway staring at me

"Why does she only have a towel on?" Joshua says in awe

"Out!" Tom tells Cody pointing at the door

"Thanks again Caroline" Cody tells me getting up from the bed

"No problem any time. also she just sent you a dirty text I thought I'd let you handle that" I tell him with a wink

He runs out of the run fast.

Michael and Joshua are still standing in the hallway.

Tom shuts the door in their face.

"Can I help you?" I asks him since he's still in my room

"Keep your clothes on" he tells me

"I'm in my room" I challenge him

"Your so frustrating" he says pulling his hair

"O and your not" I say standing up

"Just put some clothes on I don't want them to see you like that"

"What about you?" really Sam just shut up! why would I care if he wants to see me without clothes on

He looks speechless but I can see his eyes roaming my body.

"Goodnight" I say trying not to blush

"Goodnight" he clears his throat and walks out of the room locking the door for the night

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