Chapter 27

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"So what do you want to do today?" I ask him

"What ever you want to do" he smiles

"Hmm" I say like I'm thinking "why don't you go get that new video game that you been dying to play and I'll watch you"

"No no it's okay we don't have to" he shakes his head but I know he's dying to play it

"Joshua go get the video game now" I tell him

He smiles "yes ma'am" he runs up stairs to get it

We both settle on the couch, I watch him play some game.

He is so into this game that I could walk around naked and he would never notice.

He keeps trying to explain the game to me, I keep nodding like I understand but I have no idea what he's talking about but it's cute seeing him trying to explain zombies to me.

"Hey I'll be right back" I tell him I know he can't even hear me he's in the zone

I go upstairs to the bathroom I use the restroom and as I'm washing my hands, I have this weird feeling I can't explain it. I hear a noise it's faint and then I hear it again.

I shut off the water and walk into toms room since I can't see out the window in mine.

I look through the window blinds and see someone that I really did not think I would see again.


And he's not alone he has five guys with him and they are all armed.

Shit shit shit shit!

Tom where are you?

I move away from the window and try to run downstairs to warn Joshua but it's too late Christopher and his gang broke down the door.

They quickly grab Joshua.

"Where's the girl!" Christopher screams

"What girl?" Joshua plays innocent

One of the guys looks up the staircase.

"There you are" he says in the creepiest voice imaginable

I gulp and run to toms room that's the closet one to me, The guy is right behind me.

I close the door quickly but the guy is faster than me he shoves the door open making me fall to the ground.

"Hello beautiful" he smiles creepily

I have two options here, 1 I can kick him in the nuts and try to escape but Joshua downstairs and who knows what they will do to him, and 2 have them take me and get some information from them.

I'm going with the stupidest option

I don't move, he grabs me by my hair and pulls me downstairs to the living room.

This guy is so dead !

"Hello again Caroline" Christopher says to me

"Hey asshole long time no see" I say sarcastically

"Put her on the couch" he tells the other asshole that's pulling my hair

He sets me on the couch, next to me is Joshua tied up. I feel so bad.

"So did you miss me" Christopher says and before I can say a comeback he slaps me

"Still hit like a bitch i see" I spat

He doesn't like that one bit but I can tell he's  trying to calm himself before he does something stupid.

"Now we are going to have a real talk" he tells me

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