Chapter 20

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My face looks pretty bruised and my ribs are bruised too.

But I've been in worst fights plus he hit like a little bitch.

But now I know how serious this situation really is.

Tom gave me some medicine to put on my face and to help the pain.

"Caroline" I hear Joshua say coming into my room, I come out of the bathroom 

He winces when he sees my face.

"It's not as bad as it looks" I tell him

"Your one tough girl" he gives me a small smile


"Are you hungry?" he asks, I nod

We go downstairs to the kitchen.

I look at the table and see pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, hashbrowns, and sausage.

Michael pours me a cup of chocolate milk.

"Thank you guys" I tell them and smile

I can tell they fell bad about yesterday but I don't blame them for what happened.

I can feel them staring at me while I eat.

"You guys I'm okay" I remind them

"We're sorry Caroline" Cody apologizes

"It wasn't any of your faults" I shrug

"You won't be left alone at the house anymore we will atleast have one person here at all times" tom assures me

"That's not necessary" I shake my head

"Yes it is we will make sure nothing like that happens again" tom says, i nod knowing I'm not going to win this fight

But I know they might have to hurt me again if there employer tells them too but atleast I know they won't enjoy it.

I look over and notice in Joshua pocket there's a cell phone.

I need to get that cell phone somehow.

After breakfast tom goes into his office and me and Joshua watch Michael and Cody play video games I wonder why we never watch tv just watch movies and play games?

"Hey Joshua can you grab me a blanket please" I ask him

"Sure " he says leaning over to grab it on the love seat

I grab his cell out of his pocket real quick.

"Here you go" he smiles

"Thanks" I smile

I wrap myself in the blanket.

"I'll be right back" I say thankfully their not paying that much attention

I head up stairs and go to my room I've checked every knouk and cranny and they didn't put any wires or cameras.

I dial Monica's number I'm so glad I remembered all their numbers.

"Hello" she answers

"Monica it's me Samatha" I say quickly

"Samatha are you okay we all been so worried about you" she says worried

"I'm fine but I need you to give Keith the phone and tell him to go into a room by himself" I tell her

"Okay" she says and then it goes quiet

"Hello?" Keith asks confused

"It's me Samatha" I tell him

"Samatha o my god are you okay what happened?" I can tell he's been worried about me which makes me smile

"I don't have a lot of time i know this is going to sound crazy but someone kidnapped me they thought I was Caroline and who ever these people that kidnapped me work for wants to take you down so their in charged" I breath out

"I know who your talking about I've never met the man just his people and he's crazy. I'm so sorry Samatha where are you? I'm going to come get you"

"No I'm fine just keep Caroline and Jeffrey safe"

"Caroline and Jeffry been so worried about you I thought you just ran away earlier than planned but she said that you would of least said goodbye and she was right. Tell me what's going on over there"  he says

"I'm being held by five guys only one of them have physical hurt me but I'm fine they are actually been as nice as they can be considering
,But there's a mole in your inner circle a guard or a maid or someone that is feeding this guy information" I tell him

"I'll take care of it. how are you calling me? He asks me a little confused

"I stole one of their phones but I need to know do you own a safe?"

"Yes" he says slowly realizing something

"Don't tell me anything about it but that's what they want heads up" the less I know the better

"What are you going to do" I can hear the worry in his voice

"I'm going to continue to stay here they still believe I'm Caroline I don't want them to find out either for Caroline. I'll try to continue to gather information to help you" I try not to get emotional

"Thank you Samatha we will get you home soon" he says. home

"I have to go but watch your back and take care of them" I say and hang up

I delete any trace on his phone that proves I was on it.

I open the door and walk back to the living room.

Tom comes out of the office

"Hey" I try to play cool

"Hey" he says, i see him look at my bruised face and that makes him Clench his jaw in anger "I'm sorry you weren't supposed to get hurt"

"I thought you said that it might come down to it if necessary" I remember him saying

"I lied" he sighs "don't worry Christopher won't be back"

"Good" I nod

We walk into the living room I sit next to Joshua and tom sits next to me

I put Joshua phone on the couch cushions beside him, I don't think he notice it was gone.

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