Chapter 39

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We all walk out of the restaurant together and go to the car.

Tom walks over to the passenger side "hey Michael take her back to our place" he gestures to Macy

Michael smiles happily "yes sir" he gets out as fast as he can and walks over to Macy

We all meet up at toms house and start trying to come up with a plan.

"You do realize this is suicide mission right? If you guys get caught" Macy says trying to warn us

"We know the risk" I tell her

"Macy you'll stay here and we will give you something to protect yourself with" tom tells her

"Like a gun?" She kinda whisper a little freaked out

"I'll show you how to use it" Michael tells her, she smiles at him

"Samatha will impersonate you Macy and we will pretend to be her body guards" tom says

"Yes I usually don't go out without some guy with me but today was my day off" she says

"Then we will search the house" tom finishes

"Sounds good" Cody nods

"We will leave in the morning be ready" I tell everyone

"Here I'll show you your room" Michael says to Maxy

"Thank you" she blushes a little

"I bet you anything he puts her in the room right next to his" Cody snickers

"Okay I'll see you guys later" Cody says grabbing his things

"Where are you going?" I ask him

"I have a date" he smirks

"Ooo have fun" I giggle "use protection" I yell as he shuts the door

Me and tom sit awkwardly like we don't know what to say to each other.

"You want a drink?" He asks me "since you are legal" he smirks

"Sure" I smile

We walk to the kitchen and he pours me and him a cup.

"Thanks" I say as he hands me my drink

"What ever happens tomorrow I just want you to know I am sorry about all this " tom says all of a sudden looking down at his drink

"I could of had it worst" I shrug

"It still was wrong and I-"

I cut him off. "The boss guy would of had someone else do this and who knows what they would of done to me so as weird as it sounds I'm glad you kidnapped me"

He laughs a little "your something else"

"I know I'm amazing" I flip my hair

"You are" he says serious

"Maybe um after this we" he starts saying but looks at me and stops and shakes his head

"Were you about to asks me on a date?" I raise a eyebrow

"No" he shakes his head fast

"Good because that's really wouldn't be right for you my kidnapper to asks me on a date" I say

"Right" He says as he takes a gulp of his drink

"So if we survive tomorrow and everything we should go get a drink at a actual bar" I say to him

He looks at me confused "I thought you just said"

"I said you shouldn't ask me" I smirk, he actually laughs

"So you asking me on a date?" He smirks

"I mean your paying" I tell him

"Okay" he nods his head

"Okay" I nod my head

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