Chapter 38

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I couldn't sleep all night I kept thinking about Caroline and Joshua hoping they're alright and not hurt or worse. I have to find them, I know Caroline must be really scared.

I get up and shower and get dressed and go downstairs, the boys are all in the kitchen.

"Morning boys" I greet them

"Morning car- Samatha"Cody says catching himself

"You guys get anything?" I ask them

"Nope" Michael sighs

Tom phone starts ringing, he takes it out of his pocket and looks at who's calling. he looks up at me and hands me the phone.

I take it from his hands and look at who's calling and its Monica number.

"Hello" I quickly answer

"It's me Keith" Keith says

"You find anything?" I ask him hoping he did

"I was able to track down one of his employees named Macy Taylor she basically like his personally assistant" he tells me

"Okay how can we find her?"

" she's out doing some shopping now so get there as soon as you can. I'll send you the details" he says

"Okay thanks"

"I'll talk to you soon. Bye" he says and we hang up

"Who wants to go shopping?" I ask them

They go and grab all their stuff and we all pile in the car.

We pull up in front of the shops and wait

"What does she look like?" Cody asks me

"Keith said she has short dark hair and was wearing a blue top" I tell them

We wait in the car for half an hour before she finally comes out carrying a couple of bags and talking to someone on the phone. She's really pretty.

"Woah that's her" Michael says eyeing her up and down

I glare at him, I notice the other guys are staring at her too.

"Really guys" I roll my eyes

"We still think your hot Samatha" Michael smirks

We watch her get in her car, we follow her to some expensive restaurant.

"Okay me and Samatha are going in. Cody you get in the driver seat and be ready in case we need to get aways fast" tom tells them "let's go" he tells me and we get out

"Do I look okay?" I ask tom since we are going into a really nice restaurant

He looks at me "beautiful" he says so serious and then looks away from me, I'm sure I'm blushing even though I never blush

We walk in and walk up to the hostess.

"May I help you?" She asks in a snotty way

"Yes we are meeting someone Macy Taylor" I tell her

I look over and I see her sitting by herself.

"I see her" I smile sweetly "come on hunny" I say to tom to annoy him

"So what's are game plan?" I whisper to him

"Good cop bad cop?" Tom smirks

"So I'm obviously bad cop right?" I smirk back

She texting someone so she doesn't notice us sit down across from her, she puts down her phone and looks up at us a little startled

"Um I think you guys have the wrong table" she laughs nervously and then I see her suddley check out tom which for some reason makes me a little mad

"No your Macy right?" I smile trying not to scare her

"Um yeah that's me" she says a little confused "do we know each other?"

"No but we have mutual friends " I tell her

"And who's that?" She raises a eyebrow

Me and tom look at each other.

"He doesn't have a name but he's called the boss" tom says

I see her gulp and then shake her head "I'm sorry I think you have the wrong person" I can tell she's nervous and trying to play cool

"Okay let's skip all this banter because we know your his personal shopper or assistant or whatever" I say seriously

I see her look at the other tables probably trying to figure out what to do.

"Listen I think you guys need to leave" she tells us

"We will we just need some information first" tom tells her

"He will kill me if I say anything" she shakes her head

I look at her she trying to be brave but I know she scared of the boss and she has every right to be. "He's going to kill you eventually anyway and you know it. So why don't we work out a deal you tell us what we need to know and we will keep you safe?" I say offering her a deal

She thinks for a second "how will you protect me from him? He's the kind of man that if he wants you dead your dead" she says getting upset

"It's not just us two we have other men who will protect you and she's right he will eventually kill you so if I was you I would take our deal because this is the best your going to get" tom tells her

She nods knowing we are right "fine what do you want to know?" she gives in

"Your boss took a boy and a girl named Caroline we need to know where he's keeping them" I tell her

"I don't know anything about a boy but I did hear something about a girl she's at the bosses house"

"Where's his house?" Tom asks her

"You'll never get in its heavily guarded and only the people who work closely with him are able to get access" she says

"Then we will need you to get us inside" I say

"All you need is a my card to get in and maybe a wig" she says to me hinting she doesn't want to come with us which I don't blame her really

"Okay then" I nod

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