Chapter 49

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"Okay I don't have a lot of rooms because this isn't a hotel" Kate reminds us again

"Tom and Josh you take that room and Michael and Cody take the living room" I say

"Us girls will take mine " Kate sighs

"Slumber Party" Caroline giggle

"We should get some rest we all had a long day" I tell everyone

I see tom stitching up Joshua forehead.

"I'm really sorry about that" Caroline winces

"It's okay really" Joshua tries to force a smile

"At least we know you could defend yourself somewhat" I nudge Caroline

"Yeah just give me a lamp" she smiles impressed with her own self

"Do you need me to stitch you up?" Tom asks me

"No I'm okay I'm just going to go take a shower and rinse mine and everyone else's blood off my body" I tell him

"I'll be in that room if you need anything" he says

"Okay" I smile

I go take a quick shower and go into Kate's room, her, Macy, and Caroline are all on the bed like they are waiting for me.

"Finally your done" Kate sighs

"How long do I have to stay here?" Macy asks me

"Well I talked about it with tom and we think you can go soon but I would probably lay low for awhile" I tell her

"Okay" she nods

"What about us?" Caroline asks me

"We need to resuce your dad some how" I sigh and flop on the bed

"You'll figure something out you always do" Caroline says trying to cheer me up.

"You know I have no idea what your life was before you came to live with us" Caroline says

"Well my father he was a tough man didn't like to be disappointed and my mom died when I was really young so I've never had a woman influence in my life. I was raised around men and instead of playing with dolls I played with guns." I sigh" I had a boyfriend I saw him today actually I mean I didn't love him or anything we were mostly together because that's what my father wanted because I knew Stefan didn't love me and I knew he knew I felt the same, he is really hot though" I giggle "and uh I just did what ever my father wanted if he wanted me to go undercover I would do that if he wanted me to hurt or even k-kill someone i would do it no questions asks" I close my eyes tight

"What made you leave all that?" Mary asks me

"When I realized I was basically my father the one person I hated and I knew I had to get out and see if there was any life outside of the Mafia. That next week I met your father Caroline he was in a lot of pain your mother had just died and it was like no one could see that this man was broken but me that's the first thing I notice I asked him if he was alright and I could tell it took him everything in his power to say yes but I knew he was lying. He came to a couple more events that I was working at and he made me feel like I was his daughter in a way and he knew who my father was and I know he could tell how miserable I was and one day he asked me if I wanted to live with him"

"I didn't know any of that" Caroline shakes her head

"I knew I wouldn't be able to leave my father he wouldn't let me so your dad had been wanting to put my father away for a long time and now it was like I was the last straw, so I help him in any way I could to put my father away and we actually did" I smile sadly

"I remember the day dad brought you home and I was so excited that I would have someone close to my age to talk to" Caroline smiles

"I was actually really nervous to meet you and Jeffrey I never was around younger and normal people so It was weird at first" I laugh

"I'm really glad that you found us" Caroline tells me

"Me too"

"So were you planing on living with them forever?" Macy asks curious

"Well I wanted to give it a year or two depending on somethings" I shrug

"You do realize I'm never letting you out of my sight again" Caroline smirks

"Okay can we go to bed now" Kate sighs

"So cranky" I smirk and throw a pillow at her face

She looks shocked that I did that "o you are so dead" she says and reaches for a pillow

"O shit" I squeak and run for my life

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