Chapter 46

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"What took you guys so long?" Tom asks Michael

"O I'm sorry it's not like we had to take out most of the guards outside or anything while you had to deal with 3 guys excuse me" he says sarcastically

"Not now guy" I tell them "we don't have much time. I'm going to go get them, Michael you need to go get the car ready and tom and Cody need to take out anyone that's standing in our way" I say

"Yes ma'am" tom says and grabs his gun from his back of his jeans

I run upstairs and go into one of the rooms and I see Joshua.

"Josh" I smile and run up to him

He's beaten up a little and they tied up his arms and ankles together.

"Hold on" I take the duct take off his mouth

"What are you doing here?" he says in shock

"O yeah you weren't there when I reveled my true self o well we will talk about it when we get home" I say and take a knife out of my back pocket and cut off the duck tape.

"Thanks" he smiles

"No problem"

As soon as I open the door I close it instantly when I see a guy in the hall way.

"Okay Joshua I need you to do me a favor. I'm going to take care of this guy" I start saying

"How are going to do that?" He asks confused

"No interruptions" I tell him "I need you to go into that room across from us and there's a girl in there" I hand him my knife "we need her"

"Okay" he nods

"Be careful with her she's probably in shock" I say

I take a deep breath and open the door, Joshua runs to the room quickly.

"Hey looking for me" I yell at the guy

"Samatha?" He says confused

"Hey Bruce what's up man?" I laugh recognizing him

"Nothing much just working" he shrugs

"Yeah I hear ya" I nod

"So this isn't personal" he tells me


He come at me and knocks the air out of me, I quickly grab his arm and flip him over.

"So how's your mom?" I say in between punches 

"O she's good thanks for asking" he says as he punches me in the stomach

I kick him making him fall to the ground, he then kicks my legs from underneath me making me fall next to him.

"You gotten better" I say out of breath

"Thanks I forgot how good you were" he says also out of breath

"So listen I really don't want to have to you know kill you I mean your mom would be really pissed at me so can we make like a deal or something" I say trying a truce

"Yeah sounds good to me" he agrees

"So I'm going to knock you out and then I'm going to go" I say getting up

"You know your father not going to stop until he has you" he says warning me

"I know" I say sadly

"Okay try not to mess up my pretty face" he smirks

I quickly kick him in the face knocking him out.

"Well this was fun" I say to his unconscious body

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