Chapter 11

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"We're back" Cody says walking through the door with Michael

"Hallelujah " I say and jump up from the couch
attacking him trying to get my new clothes

"You want this bag" Michael  says lifting the bag just high enough where I can't reach it

"Come on" I say getting on my tip toes trying to jump and get them "uh help" I look at tom and Joshua who are checking out my ass "really guys I know I have a nice ass but a little help here"

Tom clears his throat "give it to her"

"No fun" Michael laughs handing me the bag

I open the bag and find a pink shirt and booty shorts and just a tooth brush and a hair brush

"That's it" I say expecting more clothes

"Yeah we didn't know what you liked Michael kept trying to go into Victoria secret but I told him no" I shiver not wanting him to pick out anything for me in that store

"Thank you Cody" he gives me a smile

"You really don't have to change I like this outfit" Michael says, I roll my eyes

I see tom glare at Michael

"We will get you more clothes soon" tom tells me

"Yeah next Time We will get you some dress and stuff you normally wear" Cody says I'm about to tell him I don't wear stuff like that then I remember they think I'm Caroline and Caroline wear stuff like that

Just thinking about her makes me sad I miss her so much I know she worried about me. I wonder if they know I've been taken or if they assumed I ran away earlier than planned.

"Are you okay?" Tom looks at me confused

I feel a tear leave my eye. I hate crying exspacially in front of people I was always told it makes you look weak.

"Don't cry" Joshua says looking upset

I quickly wipe the tear away.

"I'm fine" I say making my face blank

I can feel tom staring at me trying to figure me out.

"Do you want some chocolate" Cody asks trying to make me feel better

I simply nod .

Cody rush off to the kitchen and quickly grabs some candy .

"Here" he says handing me a hand full of candy

"Thank you Cody" I say shoving a few pieces in my mouth

"There's some cake in there too" Michael says with a worried expression

All the guys are watching me ready for me to have a melt down.

I guess these guys don't know what to do when a girl cries maybe if I keep it up I can get a steak dinner.

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