Chapter 52

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A part of me just wants to leave without telling anyone just let them handle this because that's what I've aways done so I can live another day. that's what my father taught me he always said I need to play it smart and if the chances of success are low then don't do it. The old me would of done that but I know I couldn't look myself in the mirror if I left and left Keith with my father, I hate that I got soft because I'm not use to feeling like this having emotion and caring about someone besides myself, I even care about the guys who kidnapped me I don't want them to get hurt either.

"You okay?" Tom walks over to me and puts a hand on my back

"Yeah" I give him a fake smile

"What's wrong?" He asks me again and giving me a look that's reads he knows I'm faking a smile

"This is basically a suicide mission" I sigh

"So was getting Caroline and joshua" he reminds me

He's right.

"But I didn't know my father was involved"

"I've seen you in action your clever and you can take down any men twice your size" he gives me a small smile

"You need to face him" he says like he knows that's what I've been dreading

"I don't think I can" I whisper

"You can" he says gently

"I just feel like this hero business you know saving people and protecting them is not for me" I kinda joke

"Join the club" he smirks

"Your not a bad guy just a grumpy one" I smirk back

"Thanks" he smiles a little

"Can you guys stop flirting" Michael says walking past us and stuffing his face with chips

"Don't be jealous" I wink

"There's a problem" Macy walks in the living room

"What?" Tom asks her

"We need someone to get you into the party I can't anymore since they probably know I'm working with you guys" she says

I look at Kate and she looks back at me" call him" she sighs

"I don't have his number so I'll have to call her first" I mumble "hey can I borrow your phone?" I ask tom

"Here" he hands me his phone

I dial the number and wait for her to answer. "Hi" I say as she answers

"Who is this?" She answers confused

"It's me Samatha" I say

"O yes I remember you Dave pretty friend" she says

"Who are you talking too?" Cody whispers

"Daves mother" I tell him

"Yes the reason I'm calling is because I got a new phone and I lost daves phone number" I tell her

"O dear let me give it too you"

"Thank you so much" I say

"You need to come over for dinner again" she tells me

"I would love too I'll talk to Dave about it"

"Is he dating that girl still" she says this is why I was dreading calling this woman because she can talk.

"I'm not really sure" I tell her

"I tried asking him but you know davie" she mutters

"Yes I know can I have that phone number now?" I ask politely

"Yes dear, he usually home about 6 so if you can't get in touch with him I'll let him know you called" she says

"Thanks" I say really wanting to get off this phone

After an eternity I'm off the phone with that woman

"She can talk" i sigh

"Trust me I know" Kate rolls her eyes

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