Chapter 10

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I wake up to hearing someone knocking on my door .

"Hello?" I call out

"Are you up?" I hear Joshua say through the door

"I am now" I grunt

"Sorry it's just Cody making pancakes so I didn't know if you would want any" the word pancakes wakes me up, I jump out of bed

"Open the door" I tell him he unlocks it

"Morning sunshine" he smiles at me

We walk to the kitchen all the guys are siting at the table.

"You wants some pancakes Caroline?" Cody asks me

"Yessss" I say and he hands me a plate

"Nice legs" Michael tell me with a wink

"Shut up" tom says before I can respond, I see he's glaring at Michael

"Just giving a compliment" Michael smiles

I sit down between Joshua and tom.

I pour lots of syrup on my pancakes.

"That's a lot of syrup" Joshua says

"I like syrup" I shrug

"I can see that"

"So what's on the agenda for today boys" I ask them while eating my pancakes

"Me and Cody have to run some errands" Michael tells me

"Okay are you guys doing something illegal?" I laugh

"Not today" Cody smirks

"Can I give you a list of somethings I need" I smile sweetly

They look at tom for approval which makes me roll my eyes.

"That's fine" tom nods

"What do you need?" Michael asks

"Clothes for one"

"How are we supposed to get girl clothes"

"Go to the mall" I shrug they groan "I'll write you a list"

The guys leave to go do their errands so it's only me, Joshua and tom.

We all sit in the living I convince them to let me stay.

I watch Joshua play a video game while tom does something on his phone.

"So are you guys brothers?" I ask since they look so much alike

"Yes" Joshua says I can tell tom didn't really want him to answer me I don't know why

"That's sweet that you guys are in a gang together family's who kill together stay together" I smirk I can see tom mouth try not to turn upwards so he thinks I'm funny

"Got a girlfriend squirt" I ask Joshua because there's no point in trying to have a conversation with tom he just glares at me

"O uh no I don't" I can see him blushing

"You'll get one soon your hot" I tell him which makes him blush harder

"What?" I hear tom finally talk

"What?" I ask confused

"Don't call my brother hot" I see his jaw clenched I can't help but smirk

"It's such a shame you didn't inherit your brothers good looks" I tell tom which makes him mad

I hear Joshua laughing while me and tom are having a stare down.

I see Joshua get up and go to the kitchen.

"Says the girl who tried to kiss me" tom smirks

"In your dream" I scoff "you tried to kiss me"

"You wish sweetheart"

"You wish" I say childish

"I bet you want me" he say inching towards me

"No thanks your not my type" I say lying through my teeth this guy is everyone's type

"One day you'll won't be able to resist" he says inches from my face

"What are you guys doing" Joshua says coming back into the living room

"Nothing at all" tom smirks leaning back

"By the way you might want to pop a mint in your mouth" I whisper to him I can see he's trying not to laugh

"Says the girl with no bra on" he says, I instantly look down and cover myself with a pillow I simple just glare at him

"You guys are adorable" Joshua coos

"Shut up" me and tom say at the same time

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