Chapter 57

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We go up to the top floor and walk out of the elevator, we look around but don't see anything. I follow tom and keep walking down the hall, we stop when we hear talking.

I quickly grab toms arm and pull him in the supply closet.

"Okay now what?" He asks me

"I don't know" I sigh and notice the voices are getting closer and then the door knob starts to wiggle

"Shit" we say at the same time

I look at Tom and grab him by his jacket and kiss him hard catching him by surprise, he tries to pull away probably thinking this is a bad time for a makeout session, the door flies open and two guards are looking at us confused.

"Your not supposed to be up here" one of the guards tells us

I start giggling which earns a look from all of them "it was so crowded down there we just uh wanted some alone time if you no what I mean" I giggle and look at Tom all flirty

"O" one of the guards smirks at me "well I'm sorry but you'll have to go down stairs"

"Okay" I slur and make myself fall down and giggle some more

"Will you help me she's had way too much to drink" tom says acting like he's bout to help me up

Just as the guards start leaning down to help me, tom hits the first one on the head knocking him out and I kick the other one making him fall on the ground and then tom punches him in the face knocking him out as well

"That was impressive" tom compliments me as he helps me up

"I know" I smile

I walk over to the guards and grab there I.D scanners just in case and there guns.

"Let's go" I say and walk out of the closet

We keep our heads down and start walking, I stop when I see a camera on the corner of the wall

"Okay I'm going to need you to lift me up" I tell tom

"Can't we just knock the thing down" tom says

"No because that will be basically telling them we are here" I let him know

"Up you go" he say picking me up

I quickly cut one of the wires to make the camera picture freeze.

"Okay did it now put me down" I say

"I don't know I'm kinda of enjoying myself" he laughs and that when I notice he lifted me up by my butt

"Later" I smirk and he puts me down

As we pass the camera we stop when we see a couple guards at the next corner

"Come on" I sigh frustrated

"Guns?" He asks me

"Yeah sounds good to me" I nod and get my gun out

We walk over to them and quickly take out a few of the them, one of the guys knocks the gun out of my hand.

He punches me in the stomach which takes me by surprise "you are so dead" I say a little winded

I then punch him in the nose breaking it and grab his arm and twist it breaking that as well.

The next guy comes up behind me grabbing me, I head butt him which hurts the both of us and punch him until he goes unconscious.

"A little help would of been nice" I say as i take out the last guy

"O I'm sorry I wasn't like I didn't take out a majority of the guys" he says sarcastically

"Okay I took out way more than you" I tell him

"Sure you did sweetie" he says as he grabs a gun off of one of the guy

"I'm keeping count next time" I say as I grab a gun of one of the other guys

As we walk to the end of the hall where we see a door and behind that door I already know is my father.

"We got this" tom tells me

We scan our I.d that we stole and watch as the door opens. No going back.

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