Chapter 44

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My father?! I hoped I was wrong but it's true my father is the famous boss that everyone is scared of! Caroline in more trouble than I thought.

"What?" The other guy next to tom says to Stefan not understanding

"Well this is our bosses daughter" Stefan says smirking at me

"I thought he had a son?" the guy says confused

"Yeah what was his name? Sam for Samuel" The other guy says

"Sam for Samatha" Stefan tells them as he looks at me

"But no girl could do all those things we heard about I mean he was a legend" the guy says

"Excuse you" I scoff

"She's definitely her fathers daughter" Stefan says

"Now what do you want Samatha? You wouldn't be here if you didn't have a good reason and from the look on your face you definitely didn't know that this was one of your fathers houses. Getting a little rusty" Stefan says to me

I look at Stefan and trying to resist the urge to slap that smirk off his face.

"You know why I'm here" I say even though I'm not hundred present sure if he does but from the look on his face he at least has an idea

"I do actually I didn't think you would actually show up but your father has been looking for you and when he had one of his partner go over to the morganstone house to make a deal with Keith he saw you and told him. He's very disappointed in you" Stefan tsks

"What else is new" I roll my eyes

"You betrayed him" he almost looks like he wants to hit me but is restraining himself

"He is a monster Stefan!" I want to yell

"Aren't we all I mean who are you of all people to judge"

"But he's the one that made me this way" I fire back

"Then you should be grateful. He made you perfect and look how you repaid him" he spats

I could argue with Stefan all day but he would always think my father is the greatest man alive, but theres differences between how my father treated him vs me. He treated him as if he was his child and me as if I was a pest that he couldn't get rid of.

"So what was this payback?" I ask him

"Well yes but not just to you but to Keith mostly you were just an added bonus, I mean how would you feel if you had everything taken away from you that you work so hard to achieve? Your father knows Keith is the one that put him in jail and he stole you away from him. He can't even run this city the way it should be run, Keith deserves everything that has happened to him!" Stefan finishes his rant

This is all my fault... If he wouldn't of took me in and helped me this probably wouldn't of happened.

"I do find it amusing that they kidnapped you instead of the real Caroline and if someone didn't happened to see Caroline then we would of continue to think we had the real Caroline. I do have to admit that was a smart play, you did need to leave before your father found you and this opportunity fell in your lap and you jump on it smart girl" he winks "but sadly once again your father is two steps ahead"

"You know I hate to break it to you but if my father ever found another little minion he would dump you and never look back" I spat

I see his jaw clench because he knows I'm right

"Why don't we quit this banter and get on with this" tom says annoyed

"Okay then" Stefan smiles

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